🌴Tiny Islands

I’m in the process of writing two books.

One is about my healing journey with my daughter Sarina.

The other about my 365 Tiny Island 🏝.

I know how it feels to give 24/7. Don’t give up on your life. You cannot give without recieing.

My tiny Islands safe my life.

Tiny Islands are mini-retreats I hop on during the day. They let me pause and nourish my soul.

They gift us with awareness breaks to allow time for self-care. Self-care delivers self-love.

Tiny Island- Boundaries

Tiny Island- Ha-Breath

Do you OWN your breath? 💌  Wednesday Whisper 3/21

Do you OWN your breath? 💌 Wednesday Whisper 3/21

It is what it is; if we want to change, let go or add something to our life, we first need AWARENESS of what it is we’d love to cultivate.  Without awareness, any changes we try to create are beyond our reach. We are powered by breathing! To own your breath means: ...

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