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Don’t Hate Meditate! 🌷 Wednesday Whisper 21/19

Yes! I find this invitation extremely important. The word hate has such destroying power. Yet it’s everywhere. I got curious about how often it shows up in my day. And ✋🏼 -  💛, there it was. I heard myself think, whisper and say it out loud when it wasn’t necessary,...

Do you keep going? 🌷 Wednesday Whisper 20/19

This little story landed on my screen at the right moment. And I decided to share it with you as it is. I have learned to listen to the messages delivered to me by my thoughts with curiosity. I don't want to bite the hook aka give my thoughts more meaning then they...

We are alive!🌷Wednesday Whisper 19/19

Sometimes, especially when I'm tired I feel doubt. It happens when my time to be with ME gets lost in caring for others. Or when my to-do's dominate my life. This dark feeling first shows up in my body.  As an ache in my neck this time. I hear a bickering voice riding...