“Feeling good is the primary intention”.           Danielle LaPorte

I had prepared this whisperer yesterday. Ready to push send. 
Then I thought “let’s wait a little”…I love Danielle LaPorte’s books, I love her online presence. Her  “truth bombs” delivered to my phone.  
I’m glad I did.
I would see her in a couple of hours.  She was on tour to promote her new book: 

“White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping it Real On Your Spiritual Path – From One Seeker to Another”.*

She  was going to speak at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. It cannot get more sacred!
Full of fond memories of a different phase in my life I waited for the door to open. I remembered the concerts I listened to. The many times I walked the labyrinth with Sarina.  Many many years ago. – My friend Maria arrived. Nothing better than to share what rocks your soul with a friend. 
A sold out event! Women lining the steps and streets. All wisdom seekers.  It filled me up and put sparkles in my core…
Now,  inspired by her voice I’m ready to add these sparkles to  what I wrote yesterday and get this whisperer to you.

“Feeling good is the primary intention.” Danielle LaPorte

I have this quote pinned on my whisperer wall. Written on a sticky note it found it’s way on my husbands desk (I sneak quotes his way. Better then words…)😊
“Showing up is a victory”
“Find ways to show up to what you don’t like”

are only two of the golden nuggets Danielle shared. They are brothers and sisters of this quote.
If I choose to feel good it’s more then a smile. For me it is about the choice I have. To find ways to show up to my life – as it is. True acceptance delivers contentment. It teaches you  surrender. 
Saying YES! 100%.
We need to show up especially if we don’t like what we see. 
“Find ways to show up…”. More so if it’s incredible challenging. Sometimes on many levels. If there is no way out. That’s when we learn. 
I do believe that it is our duty to get up and step up to the life we have. We will bend – but we don’t need to break,  is one of the mantras I live by.  I need that skill. I cannot change my daughters challenges. But I can choose how it makes me feel. It is my daily practice.
We must cultivate this and commit to grow the tools we need. Find a practice that holds us accountable. That supports us on our journey.
For me it happens on my mat and when I visit my trees.  It happens in the pockets of silence I create. When I
P A U S E.  
B R E A T H E  and 
B E    P R E S E N T. 
When I notice my breath get in touch with my core.  Stillness. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.
That is a victory!
From here I take it out into my life.

Mindfulness is a gift you can give to yourself.

Side note: You know the BREATH is always with you? Right? Your best friend… reliable… ready to help you put your feet on holy ground. Lift your heart. Stand tall. 

N O W   – Try this!

Read first, then close your eyes. Feel the rhythm of your breath. Let the breath breathe you.  Imagine for a moment….as you breathe out the universe is breathing in. As you breathe in the universe is breathing out. Now do it. 

We are not alone.

That’s when we can choose our intention and ask: “How do I want to feel today?”
That’s when a quote like this is not just a few words pinned to the wall.
That’s when I embody mindfulness. When I walk my talk. When I  show up.  To what is.

Love, Manuela

I do believe in smiling. Smiles are contagious. My smile can change some one else’s day. If I  smile my brain listens. Eager to break the habit of negativity or complaining it sends signals to my brain. It feels better with a smile. It works. Each time. Science has put a stamp on it!
I am honored to say, I grew up in hard times but my parents both showed  me their smile!