We have a saying in Germany when it’s time to slow down and rest:

“Die Seele baumeln lassen,” or “Let your soul dangle.” 

An Indian proverb tells us the same: From time to time we have to rest to let our soul catch up!

To not be exhausted all the time or accept low energy as our normal way of being we need to let go of doing in small doses every day. Think of my 🌴Tiny Islands for true self-care!  And sometimes, when life is extra challenging, we need to unplug in a more significant way. For me that means letting go of a few responsibilities for a while.

My time for reflection and soul-time is now.

Remember to let your soul dangle before you burn out!

 I’m pausing Social Media and writing my weekly Wednesday Whisper Blog for a month to have more time to let my soul catch up!


After our sudden move to Germany to escape the wildfires almost three months ago, we had no time to prepare or plan for what’s next. After thirty-three years of living in the U.S., we packed our suitcases and left. The 12-hour plane ride was not long enough to fill the gap between no longer – not yet. To settle into my new life with lots of things missing combined with caring for Sarina, who is on the Autism Spectrum and again without work or day structure, is exhausting. To offer her a meaningful life under COVID 19 is hopeless. 

Every day I inquired: “What can I do to nurture my body-mind-soul-spirit to fulfill my destiny? What can I let go of for now?”

“Lass Deine Seele baumeln…let your soul dangle,” was the answer.

Souls need Time.

I struggled because I felt I needed to let go of what I love, my work, to serve my family. Again. My 30-year track record of doing this is uncountable, and part of a special needs mom’s challenge. “Where do I begin and my responsibility end,” is a life long challenge. I have created workshops about boundaries because we drown without them!

My work is dear to me, but so is my family. Give and Take or better yet Give and Receive is every care-takers blues.

I have accepted this truth. Every time I step on my mat for my practice or teaching, the wisdom of the 8-part Phönix Rising Yoga process fills me with answers to my questions as I pay attention to “What Is!”.  What is the reality of our life? What’s true for us as we go through significant life challenges?

The eight steps we experience to transform our life are truth finders:


How can we experience flow under never-ending challenges?

The awareness we cultivate on how we show up on our mat shines a light on how to show up in our life. My plan evolved out of discernment – I don’t have to give it all up to fill my soul!

And that’s what I’ll do now. I’ll create pockets of stillness for myself instead of too much time on the computer. Slow The Doing Down!

I will listen to the messages as I dangle and

follow one of my 🌴Tiny Island Tips:


and let the moments last at least 30 minutes to do NOTHING!

Let’s remember:

Souls love Slow!

Read on a little longer to meet two of my teachers:

Trees and The Dream Dancer

My 🌳  tree Lola is teaching me all of the above. Lola holds my trees Adam and Victor and Hugo from Santa Rosa in her roots! When I sit below her branches with my back on her trunk, she shows me flow and stillness.  She’s a weeping willow, and as I listen, my grieve wells up. My tears allow what I miss and my pain to ease and after a while, I feel my soul is catching up. These tears are needed and help me to find what I need to do next.

Trees always teach!

The 🐘💫 Dream Dancer:

I have experienced big magic in my life in my most vulnerable hours. In 1990, the Dream Dancer story gifted me hope and the silver thread while sitting by the incubator watching my daughter fight for her life. Through him, I learned how I will be living my life as a special needs mother without breaking.

The Dream Dancer showed me the tools I keep cultivating: 


The Dream Dancer is the story of a little elephant balancing on a tight rope!










Let me inspire you more! Read his story and why he holds a magical place in my life. I wrote this blog at the beginning of new branding for my business about five years ago. I lived in Texas and felt it was my time to grow my business online. I wanted a new logo, and the elephant popped up. Read here!

Stay in touch!

👉 While I take a break, my dear friend and excellent graphic designer Julie Lennon Feilen 💙  will share some of the inspiration we have prepared with you on Social Media.

👉 I will keep teaching my private students because ✨ magic and transformation✨ happens on our mat!

👉 You can always reach out to me via manuelarohr@gmail.com to say hello or book a session with me. It will spark your renewal!

I followed my love for writing with this story and for now, I’ll keep writing only on my books. No pressure to deliver😇.

I hope you’ll take time to check in with yourself about what you need to unplug because it’s too much;  then reset and replenish to be able to Embrace What’s Possible in your life.

Let your Soul dangle today! And always…

Hug the moment!