On Friday my daughter Sarina woke up crying. Usually, she is content with a positive attitude. But lately, as her goal to live independently feels out of reach, she struggles with her self-confidence.

Self-doubt moved in. She is nervous about her future just like I am and worried about what the two weeks of summer school at Exceptional Minds will bring. It has the potential to hold a future for her.

Hope is a skyscraper right now.

What if it’s a no? I don’t know.

Not knowing and piggyback being o.k. with not knowing is our path. In reality, we’re are all on it. But security feels damn good right? Yes! I’d love a good dose at the moment!

“Have mercy,” I say to the sky and “give me more clarity.  And deliver to my girl!”

💡Knowing we will deal with whatever comes our way.

I’m happy my husband was home. He helped Sarina to see what’s already happening in her life like her “Hats with a Mission” project and her college education. But we know what’s missing and that her heart lies in movie making.

Later on the way to the car, we shared a little more about how self-doubt feels, and I saw her be at ease again.

Here is one of our 🚘 car conversations.

Listen in, Sarina is real. She’s never wearing a mask. An inspiration to me!

Happy to announce her new title for me: Self -Cure Doubt Coach!

So, what to do when self-doubt demands a seat at the table?

For most of us, self-doubt like other limiting beliefs let us walk around with question marks.

What? How? When? Where? Why?

And it shows up in our body. Low energy, moodiness, coach-potato-desire in the middle of the day, hunched shoulders and so on.

I become reactive, less tolerant, needier. Aches in my shoulders show up. Headaches.

My # 1 cure is to pause. # 2 Move – anything goes. # 3 Share. If no one is around, putting it on paper counts.

I don’t do well with silent suffering. I do know self-doubt shrinks when I interrupt my thought pattern. When I pause and listen. Self-doubt likes noise and company.

If you only have a moment, but be honest, you always have more than one you must pause to feel what’s going on. Hop on a

🏝 Tiny Island

Pause – Breaths- Feel

Accept what you notice…” aha, doubt is present!”

Notice breathing – Flip the Switch

Breathe out doubt

Breathe in present moment energy

Hug what you have!


It works.
It’s a practice.
It’s the lifestyle you get to choose.

Self-care-love is no luxury!

It’s a daily commitment. I know you and I deserve it!

Self-doubt is a beast; don’t let it win.

🌷Always with Love,