I have a book in me about the last few weeks. How to not get hooked on homebound challenges is an important question to ask.

Shelter in Place as a special needs parent to Sarina is impossible to manage. The nudging she needs for almost everything puts us on edge from morning into the night. We have escape tools, of course, she doesn’t. All she can do is to rebel against being stuck at home with us and being told what to do. Not to guide her is not an option. Her brain is too much in “off” position since her schedule fell apart, and she can’t switch it to “on” without reminders.

Think of boundaries? Sarina doesn’t have any, nor does she understand ours. She is the bull in the china shop (her words) as she roams through the house,  impulsively interrupting whatever we do.

O.K. That’s good for now. It’s off my chest, and I let it be!

Here is what uplifts and saves me. This feeling creates the energy that enables me to do the next step:

I love myself through it.


I step on my mat.

Or I imagine I do and practice present-moment-awareness on the spot, right there in the thick of the conflict when the triggers are flying high. I let my hands help me to calm down. It’s a

🌴Tiny Island* moment

  • Breathing in I let my hands expand
  • Breathing out I let them do a gentle fist
  • repeat

You can have your hands in your pockets or behind you. Let them help you to embody the present moment.

And then I hop on a larger island and ask the most important question I know:

What’s happening now?

Gift yourself five minutes and hop on one with me:

🌴Tiny Island

size: mine is 24 inches wide and 68 inches long.

color: dark green teal

what else: a pillow to sit on and a scarf for warmth

Let your body dance, move it in every possible way, and breathe deeply.

Pause – and stand still. Feel the beautiful pulsing energy in your body! It’s alive and, at this very moment, celebrate your aliveness.

Sit on the floor on a pillow or a chair. Close your eyes. Both hands touch your heart. Magic! Magic is happening right under your hands. Feel it!

Celebrate! Your heart is beating – you’re here now. Your breath is flowing offering you it’s rhythm. Take in and let go!

Feel your breath touch your hands!  You’re home. In the present moment!

Now ask with deep compassion for yourself:

What’s happening now?

Feel it. Be here now. Honor this moment, this tiny lifetime you committed to being well.

I invite you to let a moment to moment awareness be the heartbeat of your yoga practice or any spiritual practice you do.

As a yogi, it connects me to my body, and my body always speaks the truth.

However vulnerable or exhausted I feel at this moment I become whole again. When my inquiry leads me to embrace the present moment healing takes place. And new strengths arise.

My YES to my life ignites, and I’m ready to step on the stage of becoming who I’m supposed to be!

Embrace what’s possible!



🌷Always with love,
Ps: 🌴Tiny Islands or mini-retreats you hop on during the day. You practice self-care instead of falling apart.