What is the most important thing today?

I ask myself this question every day. It’s part of my practice.


Because it’s so easy to get entangled in routines and must-does. And dealing with scary roadblocks thrown on our path. We can quickly forget what’s essential in our lives. Before we know it, it’s bedtime, and the feeling of something – you – missing, put a boulder on your heart.

Because I know that bolder and how it can crush my dreams. I know how more happiness feels and how I dream bigger after my practice.

Here is my answer to the question:

It’s unconditional love for myself and others that I want

This is the most important thing in my life. My practice is my North Star, my guiding light!

Everybody has different experiences and different answers; the question remains the same.

To pause and inquire about what’s going on is my daily bread and butter. I listen to my body, honor its message. I trust, my body keeps what’s true in view!

Most days, I have triggers with my autistic daughter that can drive me in the devil’s kitchen. And I don’t like it there.

That’s why I love and teach Phoenix Rising Yoga. Every session includes self-presence-exercise, meditation, mindfulness in motion, and breath awareness. Powerful tools to become aware of what’s happening in your day.

It’s fascinating how much influence you have on how you want to feel when you start to invite daily mindfulness tools into your life.

Read about the transformational qualities of this practice in “Eight weeks to a better brain”: http://bit.ly/2tHPTZE

The focus in the article is on meditation. You can start your mindfulness path differently. I’m aware not everyone can sit still right away.

Don’t let your inner critique win you over: “Meditation? I can’t sit still; my monkey mind drives me crazy.” or “My back, hips, etc. (fill in your achy body part) hurts when I sit.”

I got you covered.

I’ll teach you about moving your body first. You’ll connect the breath to movement. It is an excellent centering tool. With a little patience, yes, you must cultivate patience, you’ll find new ways to embrace what’s possible. Keep your mind open if this practice interests you.

You’ll notice how you can drop out of your head. How you can pause overthinking and drop into your body to start listening to what it has to say.

I learned the most important lesson in my thirty-plus years of navigating my healing path. Every day I journey from suffering to freedom. Do you know what it is?

I’m not a victim of my circumstances.

On my death bed, I want to say: In my life, I walked barefoot when it rained. I played and took risks; I spoke out loud I didn’t hide. I sang Bobby McGee every day. I made mistakes and I cried. I watched five million sunsets, climbed as many trees. I held my dream up high. I skinny-dipped, hugged my friends, my body, and every moment of this amazing life.

The list is still in progress!

I wrote these words to you and me. I’m walking in your shoes if you struggle. Right now, I’m hanging on a silver thread, life is throwing lessons, and I want to learn them! I don’t let it stop me. I catch myself each time before I fall and balance one step at a time on my tight rope high up in the sky. If I don’t see an angel out there holding me, I’ll feel inside it’s there.

If this happens to you here is what you do. Hop on a

🌴mini Tiny Island





Do you want to learn more? You’re not alone. Grab my hand, let’s navigate this path together!

How? Schedule a free consultation or sign up for my online offers. You can practice from your living room!

Aww, I almost forgot… I got a gift certificate for x-mas to jump from an airplane. It’s on my budget list for years. 2020 be ready!