I love inspiring quotes and believe in the power of words. Cheryl Strayed said: “Quotes are mini instructions manuals for the soul. They help us to rewrite the stories in our heads about what we can or can’t do or should have done.”  Enjoy todays inspiration. Hope it guides you to more freedom with yourself and others. 

Remembering the Wildfires

​Dear Friends!
When dawn broke on October 9, 2017, the sky above our home in Santa Rosa was heavy with poisonous smoke. We evacuated that day. In the course of a week, the unthinkable happened.
The wildfires burned 5130 homes and took 44 lives.

Yesterday we walked up the mountain across from us were we saw the fire rage last year.  When vicious winds just a breath away threatened to swallow our home.
The fire left large black patches and burned trees on the mountain to stand guard of the memory with now new life in vibrant greens growing in between.
Happiness and sadness next to each other.

As we remembered our fear we stood in gratitude. Our home, our street and our 🌳🌳🌳were saved. We paid silent tribute to our neighbors who lost so much.

I hope you are well today and you are able to gift yourself a few moments of   

I’ll do it with you:
Close your eyes.
Soften your grip.
Start with an exhale and take
3 deep and joyful breath!

Always with love,
PS: Photo by Manuela – the flower just popped up offering such beauty in front of the burned  mountain just a minute behind. I chose this angle to let the flower, the present moment speak.💗
PPS: I still have some formatting issues below🙄… this too will pass! 
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