​I took this picture on Sunday, 2-17-19 on my hike in Annadel Park, Santa Rosa – It let me have more then a second of magic because I stopped to pay attention and say Thank you! Sometimes all we have to do is look up!

And here’s one action you can take that showers you with many seconds to do this:


Whatever you hold in your attention has a unique power to change your brain – and I know this to be true – it will change your life! Even if only one second at a time!
Pause and feel it:

⭐️This breath
⭐️This moment
⭐️This miracle we call life

Let it fill you up. It’s all you’ve got!

I don’t shine if you don’t shine!
​With 💗

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Manuela Rohr is a writer and Yoga teacher/therapist BDY/EYU, C-IAYT. With roots in Germany she now lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa, CA. She is the mother of a micro preemie girl and shares her healing journey in her blogs and teachings. She shares her transformational Yoga and Mindfulness lessons in workshops and private sessions.

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