These words hold a truth we all can agree upon.

For the following week, I chose to take them to heart.
What it takes is the willingness to practice self-reflection and self-care.

🏝TINY ISLANDS are the times in my day I pause to practice self-reflection and self-care.

There are endless possibilities you can do this:

  • on your walk
  • when you pause to take three conscious breath
  • standing still in Mountain Pose
  • in your meditation
  • under the shower
  • before you fall asleep
  • etc.


1. How well did I love?
Breathe and ask: Did you include yourself?
Go love up on yourself if you forgot.

2. How well did you live?
Breathe and ask: Did you have joy in your day?
if not – go out look up at the sky and be in awe.

3. How deeply did I let go?
Breathe and ask:  Where did I get stuck in forgiving myself or others?
Go and let it go.

What we practice takes root. Join me!

​🌷Always with love,
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Manuela Rohr is a writer and Yoga teacher/therapist BDY/EYU, C-IAYT. With roots in Germany she now lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa, CA.  She is the mother of a micro preemie girl and shares her healing journey in her blogs and teachings. She shares her transformational Yoga and Mindfulness lessons in workshops and private sessions.