There’s so much wisdom in Amanda Gorman’s six words. For me, they are the most powerful words spoken yet for the year 2021.

In my life’s story, grief has been a steady companion. I learned to sit with it and, at the same time, not to drown in it. I grow in the moments I chose to move away from the dark towards the light.

Every time we pause when grief enters, we get a chance to feel our aliveness with each breath we take. We have no choice about loss. But we can choose how we change.

We can grow up or grow down.

I started this process over thirty years ago and will be sharing my journey β€œHow a Phoenix Rises” with Anna Pereira tomorrow ⁓ for my German friends it’s @ 17h.Β  Please don’t forget to register πŸ‘ πŸ˜‰.Β  It’s I clear chance for you to choose 😁 πŸ‘ :Β //



Let’s inspire and support each other to look up!

Much Love,

🌴✨🐘 Manuela