First, you need to be aware of how you do what you do. That’s your ticket to know what serves you and whatnot.

I learned that skill and it’s my guiding force.

Let me introduce you to mine:

I own a 🌴 Tiny island. 

It lives at my house. It’s 6 feet long and 2 feet wide.

🌀 It’s my yoga mat.

Do you know what happens there?

Everything I need to live my life with Intention and Joy.

💫  Awareness grows there. You know you can’t speed-grow awareness, it takes time, patience, and self-reflection.

💫  Healing happens there. I trained my whole life to fill my cup before I’m exhausted, and no one is around to hold or help me. It’s our job to own a treasure chest filled with tools to help ourselves.

and, most importantly

💫  Joy grows there and 🥁  joy multiplies. I found out joy is infectious; it loves company, and like a seed you put into the soil, it sprouts from the dark to the light! Joy settles in your cells from toe to crown, and won’t be stopped!

Here is the most important thing that I learned on my healing journey: 

We must invest in ourselves; our life is of value.

We need to redirect back into ourselves some of the love and strengths that we give so freely to others.

It’s just one step, one breath, and one act of kindness to myself and I ground into the present moment. After a few breaths, hope and new energy enter.

And right there in that pause, on that Island, I receive what I need to stand in my power, shine my light to able to heal myself and the world. 👑

That’s what islands are for! 🏝

They are waiting for you; cultivate what you need; every single day!

Want helpto grow your 🌴 Island?

Reach out, I’m here for you. Start today. Your first session is waiting for you at