Here’s part three on Brave Boundaries.

Let’s start with a whisper:


Let’s choose #1 because in the long run, everybody benefits!

It takes you to draw a line in the sand that shows where you begin and the other person ends.

It’s possible. It’s a practice!

Today and the rest of the week, be on the lookout when you hang back on #2.

Notice how you feel when that happens.

With an aha and no judgment, take a breath and

Say: IT IS WHAT IT IS and move on.

Now choose to step forward (#1), be brave and stand up for yourself.

How does that feel? Celebrate your courage. Tiny steps count!

Share in the comments what you noticed, big or small!

I’d love to hear from you. 💌

See you next week!

Always with love,


P.S. Do you know the ⏰ 72 Hour Rule? If you want to set Brave Boundaries or add any other skill to your life, you have to take the first step within 72 hours; otherwise, the chance is only 1% that you will even carry out the project.

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