How can we find support if no one is around helping?

I’m a 🌳 sister. I climb, hug, lean on them, smile and cry with them, and listen to their ancient wisdom. For a few years now, I name my trees.

Trees sponsor oxygen and lift my mood.

Ever since my training as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (1996), where I learned to include more silence for self-reflection into my life on and off the mat 🌳s belong to my soul companions.

In an assignment to go out, hug a tree and ask for its wisdom, I was honored to have an ancient oak in my yard, way too big to embrace with my arms but so strong and majestic and wise I felt the tree hug me back in a full embrace. I felt my breath merge with his. I remember the awe I felt, the tears rolling down my cheeks, the warmth in my core as I breathed with this new friend. At that moment, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Alone with the daunting task to care for my girl. Born a micro-preemie four months too soon, Sarina was six years old. Not anywhere near school age. She had many complications to deal with, most of all severe lung issues with frequent hospitalization.

Living in the U.S. away from my family, I missed support.

Today almost thirty years later, I often still feel that way. For most women who like me own the title Special Needs Mom life is different. Unless unconditional love and help from family and friends is close by our life is the life of a 24/7 caretaker. And as our children become adults and Empty Nest is missing.

🌳🌳🌳 are part of my helping family. They lift my mood, call me when I feel exhausted and offer a hug. And I can visit them with my daughter! Trees make me pause and feel into what’s most important in my life:

💗 Me. I have to take care of myself first. Sacred compassionate self-care is not an option it is my priority. With it in my life, I’m able to feel free.

Are you walking in my shoes?

Find a tree and if you don’t have one close by, find a picture or imagine one for now and pause long enough to feel yourself breath. With your hands on your heart notice your breath touch your hands, feel your heartbeat, feel the silence that travels along with your breath and BE. BE let go of your battle and doing and be present to yourself.

I promise you it will fill your cup. The key to all of what you want in your life can be found in your commitment to make self-care your priority. EVERY DAY.

I created 365 🌴Tiny Island. They are mini-retreats during our day, where we remember our lives are of value. The most effective act of self-love is your commitment to pause and honor stillness.

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Remember YOU matter. Show the world but first, show it to you!