My whisper got delayed! And this is why!

💗Hats with a Mission – our preemie hat project is rocking our world. Yesterday I hosted a charity knitting event in Speyer, Germany. Sarina is back in CA.

Since my last visit here in June … breathe in… breathe out…. 🥁 184 tiny hats were knitted and crochet…🎁 That’s definitely turning this into the big win of my trip!!!

I spent yesterday sewing labels on with my ladies! I feel it, this “Hats with a Mission” adventure will be creating a future for Sarina. More about it in a blog post next week!


And today I taught my yoga workshop to my Germany yogis – I 💗 Yoga!!!
Now, enjoy I little story from my stay here and one of my top ten daily 🌴 Tiny Island – The Boundary Swing!

Be gentle and fearless!

🇩🇪 Hugs from Germany,