The Wellness Universe (WU) interviews the presenters for SoulTreat in Sedona in November and asks us to share
One Top Tip for your Best Life.
🎧🔥Here is mine:







Being interviewed life is a new experience for me and I love it. Stay tuned for more!

What’s happening now?

I’ll be offering a taste of my masterclass “Witness without Judgement” on September 10 on the WU platform! I’ll share details soon. I’d love for you to join me.

A series of Phoenix Rising inspired Yoga classes online are in preparation! Long-time coming…

Want to know how to make your body your best friend in life? Read here: 


If you love it please leave a comment and share it. It means a lot to me.

What else?

One of my mission is on fire.  We’re flying to Cincinnati today. Sarina finally gets the chance to do what started her Hats with a Mission project four months ago. She will deliver 40 tiny hats to the NICU she was born 29 years ago. All hats knitted with love!

In only four months we have over 150 hats knitted, most of them donated some of them sold with profits going to the mission and the knitters like Sarina.

💗It’s emotional.

Tomorrow, August 3rd at 12 pm Sarina gets to walk into the NICU she lived for the first 183 days of her life. 
Hold us in your hearts and thoughts. This mission has the potential to rock the world into place. Sarina’s and ours.

🌷Always with love and so much hope today