As a child hearing my dad count to three wasn’t a good sign. It was the last warning to make up for something we had done wrong or not done at all. We rushed to obey to escape punishment.

Another one-two-three moment was jumping from a diving board. That was a thrill, and I always jumped. I loved that drill as much as I feared it. Similar to the ready-set-go command before a sprint. It promised a victory to me.

The power of three today shows up differently. It’s a simple technique we can use anytime we need a break from our habitual habits.

This practice has become a part of my life. It, too, offers a victory. It comes in the form of a strong surrender muscle that lets me choose how I want to feel.

💡If I remember to practice; The practice of mindful living.

Do you have a practice like this?

I devoted one of my 365 Tiny Islands to the magic and power of three.

And I invite you to hop on one with me:

🌴Tiny Island – The Power of Three

  1. Pause
  2. Take three conscious breath one – two – three
  3. Let go of your storyline

❝ To pause ❞

I learned what to pause means from Pema Chodron as a way to be able to step outside of habits that don’t serve me.

I have a strong tendency to want things to go my way. I can be too forceful, to intense, just like my dad was.

But destiny delivered, and my forceful ways don’t work. My daughter is on the autism spectrum, and nothing works by my will alone. Imagine the teacher she is to me.

But habits are strong, and triggers show up without notice. It takes a certain discipline, or better, it takes lifelong learning not to let our habits run the show.

❝ To take three conscious breaths ❞

Is saying yes to life. It reminds us that what we experience is just a moment in time. I feel grateful to be able to breaths and feel my body receive the breath. I get to celebrate this miracle each time. It’s never on autopilot, always an act of self-love. Always happening in the present moment.

❝To let go of our storyline❞

To pause and take three conscious breaths offers us a chance to flip the switch. We can recognize what’s going on and choose to not fall deeper into our suffering.

We get to let go of the autopilot or feeling stuck and get to choose something different.

You know, it’s not going to take away our challenges. I’m still a special needs mom, but I get to relax the grip of too many struggles for a while. I get to connect to the healing energy of the present moment, let go, accept my life and embrace what’s possible.

Most of all, I get to say yes. Yes, to my life, my commitment to healing and to my journey. I know joy is on the other side of suffering. And I’m not willing to let suffering win.