I used google for inspiration by typing in the word patience. These words popped up:

And it explained this:  patience is both an emotion and a skill.

I nodded my head yes, of course, and felt like a child being lectured by a parent as I was mouthing: It’s the muscle I have been training all of my life yet it’s still not strong enough.”

I paused, took a knowing breath, felt a bit more head nodding and heard myself remember my 2020 practice goal:


After a month passed and taking them off was all too challenging around my daughter, I changed the word OFF to SOFTLY ON the steering wheel. 

Boy then COVID 19 turned everything upside down – testing all of us on our endurance with being patient in an in-the-front-of-our-face way. We couldn’t and can’t escape.

I have felt so much impatience with many of my hopes around my daughter falling apart – again – I had to sit with it.

I reflected on the Posture of Patience inspired by what I shared in my book THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to SELF-HEALING TECHNIQUES*

* let me know if you’d like to order a signed copy – I’d love to send you one!

For me, there are two places to practice our patient muscle to own this posture:

🌟 Daily patience with the circumstances and people in my life

🌟 Embracing my life plan by asking, what am I here for? Learning the lessons I came here to learn.

That second part is the harder one and has to do with the hands-on steering wheel practice. Mainly, to trust the bigger picture and my belief that destiny delivers what it delivers and we’re are responsible for our lives. But not by holding on too tight, but by letting go! Yes, of control!

We have to show up to our life but we don’t have to do it alone!

Yes, it’s a big one, and the one I learn to embrace. And if I don’t I get another powerful practice delivered – the gift of forgiveness and self-compassion. It’s o.k. to fail – it’s not o.k. to not try again.

In our current circumstances, we feel lots of grief and loss in our hearts. We need to connect to our hearts wisdom, get out of our heads, and celebrate that it’s beating – every day. Hop on a

🏝Tiny Island

  • Pause
  • Relax
  • Breathe
  • Put your hands on your heart.
  • Notice, pay attention.
  • Do you feel it beat?
  • Do you feel your breath touch your hand?
  • Yes, you do!

This is what you need to feel to celebrate every night before you go to sleep and every morning before we get up.

Here is what holding the posture of patience does to me:

Patience delivers flowers to my heart.

In gratitude, it softens

to breathe in the scents and cherish the beauty.

My heartbeat slows down and sends healing 

into every cell of my being!

Let’s grow our posture of patience together! It’s so much more then a skill and an emotion. It’s a virtue – it delivers grace. And I want more of that!