💗Mama💗Oma Mitzi💗

My mother was kind.
It showed in her capturing smile.
I remember her always going the extra mile for us.
If we had a need she would do her best to help.
She embodied unconditional love.
Always giving without asking anything back.
She gathered joy by seeing others smile.
you taught me without knowing how to be gentle.
You taught me how self-love looks like.
Not with words.
But how you guided us through lives ups and downs.
I miss you!

Following below is part of a chapter from the soon to be published book:
Dare to Dream – A collection of transformational stories.
My story: The broken Dream – what I learned as the mother of a special child is part of the collection.
Since it’s only a short glimpse into my book and out of context, here is a prelude:
It was May of 1986. I showed up at my parents home with a piece of lemon yellow fabric in my hands. It was supposed to be the dress I wanted to sew and wear the next day. On my first flight to the U.S to visit the man I fell in love with. The bummer was this yellow thing didn’t look like a dress yet. 🙃
When my mom opened the door and heard my desperate plea why it had to be that dress she didn’t flinch. She got the sewing machine out and I knew she would make it work. It didn’t matter that it was late and she had started to watch a show with my dad.
I didn’t know it back then but I do know it now, my mom embodied unconditional love. Always giving without asking anything back.

She gathered joy by seeing us smile.

Today I’d love for her to read my book and be stunned by how many times I mention her. Even she lived an ocean apart when Sarina’s tragic birth changed my life forever it was this love that kept me going.
Today I’d love for her to know I can handle the extraordinary challenge because I learned from her to accept what destiny delivers. And to be brave enough to always take the next step.



We entered into an across-the-ocean love affair. It lasted over a year with visits back and forth. A treasured memory of the night before my first visit to the U.S. fills my family with laughter.

I spoiled myself to a pair of bright yellow peep-toe heels. I planned a matching tube dress, sewn by yours truly. The only problem was I didn’t have time to finish the thing.

yellow stunners!

Always to the rescue, I showed up at my parents’ house the night before my flight. “Mama, can you help me finish this?” She shook her head with a giggle and a smile. Everything in her face showed pure love. I caught a glimpse of adventure in her eyes I’d never noticed before. A few hours later I stood on the dining table for the first fitting. The seam was too long.

My dad peeked in. By this time, we had formed a deep bond and had forgiven each other the fights and rude language of my rebellious youth. He thought the dress was perfect, but I said, “boring!” I wanted a mini dress. While standing there on the table my mom took care of the hem. It was 1:00 a.m. when I left. The next morning, I strutted through Frankfurt Airport like the embodied sun. More legs than dress, of course.



THANK YOU, MAMA. I know you would be tickled seeing how Sarina cherishes this story like no other.

Sarina in 1999 loving my “yellows”!