I have to say that being introduced to Manuela’s calm and relaxing Mindful Yoga class has been a saving grace to me during this pandemic.Attending her classes on a regular basis, has given me not only some sense of structure in my now discombobulated work schedule, but a new and deeper understanding of the essence of yoga. Instead of championing poses and planks, I’ve felt a shift in my practice. It’s one I haven’t experienced before. I find myself following my intuition balanced with my breath, as to how far to push myself and when to easeback, and there, I find my centeredness. Manuela has a gift in clearing a calm space within oneself through a guided meditation practice interspersed with breathing through yoga stretches and poses. I sense a new appreciation of myself is evolving from her wise teachings.


Donna Cochrane Brady

Beverly, MA, May 2020

I am so glad that I found Manuela when we took an online writing class for healers. Through her written and spoken words, I quickly recognized her to be a special person with incredible gifts of the wisdom tradition, one for our times. I have taken online yoga and meditation classes with Manuela and they are an incredible experience. Her calming voice and healing energy comes to me in Boston on a wave from California and it bathes me. It’s like a delightful, warm, thermal spring. Healing waters that calm my heart, slow my racing thoughts and tell painfully tight muscles “you can let go now, it is safe.

Manuela’s face exudes light and love; her smile beams and offers hope, hope as she shares the very methods that she herself has used to cope with her own challenges and stress as the mother of a child with special needs. Manuela doesn’t offer platitudes. She’s authentically human — she knows what it is to suffer and survive. A true gift.


Deborah Gardner Walker

Freelance Writer & Photographer, Boston

Practicing yoga with Manuela online was a treat in so many ways. Not only did I get to stay home, in the privacy of my living room, but she created a session where I felt confident and comfortable practicing the moves, even on camera. I’m so competitive and the intimacy of this group class on Zoom was just what I needed to get out of my head and into my body, where all the magic happens. I highly recommend trying a series of classes. Manuela’s skills, mannerisms, and passion will inspire you, educate you and help you heal; mind, body and soul.


Laura Di Franco, MPT

Owner of Brave Healer Productions

I recently attended a weekend retreat during which I enjoyed a Yoga session with about 20 other attendees, facilitated by Manuela Rohr. My Yoga experience is very limited and I was nervous about being able to keep up. The subject of the class was “No Judgement”, and it was the loveliest Yoga class I have ever attended. I was able to simply do what I could, without judging myself, but rather praising myself for what I could do. Manuela was our cheerleader, our teacher, and our spiritual guide during the session, and she made this Yoga class a magical, fulfilling experience for me.


Martha Welsh

I had the good fortune a few years back of experiencing four private yoga sessions with Manuela, and I can tell you it was an extraordinary experience. Manuela shares deeply of herself and her soul, and my experience with her went beyond yoga to become a truly mind-body experience. She incorporates mindfulness practices in all she does, and not only individualizes instruction but teaches from the heart, and in so doing, touches the heart. I felt tremendous support from her and connection with her. My time with her was a gift, one I wish could have continued.


Julie Peipert Oudin

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for EXACTLY what I needed to hear today.

You have this lovely way of conveying vulnerability from such a relatable perspective that is so genuine, self-effacing and brave. It‘s such a refreshing joy to read. Personally, I really appreciate your courage to just tell whatever it is with honesty I can actually feel. But what is most remarkable and most felt, is your tireless positive approach to each & every obstacle or stumbling block while acknowledging the difficulty. Love it, thank you. Your passion for writing shines so I thought I’d remind you how good you are at it in case you hadn’t heard that lately.


I love the boundary practice I like to call „helicopter“. It makes perfect sense now, why I enjoy this exercise so much. All the “feels” that come along with it…freedom, liberating, even the cool fresh air that flows through and around my fingers. All these are the complete opposite of what daily life is like; feeling cramped, personal space invaded, having your hands tied. I’m so grateful for the insight to this exercise! Thanks a million.

Student of Online Yoga

Manuela is an amazing yoga instructor! She was recommended to me by my massage therapist to help with my anxiety brought on by a medical procedure. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I recommend Manuela to anyone who wants to experience yoga and learn how to tune into balance mind and body. 

Amy Roscha, PMP

Technology Lead at Treasury Wine Estates', Client August 2013

I was delighted when Manuela expressed interest to present a mindful yoga class at The Wellness Universe SoulTreat retreat spring 2019. I never thought the experience would move me, or the room of participants as it had. Manuela‘s approach to life and to her session is all about patience knowing our limitations and releasing what doesn’t serve us. Living a most wonderful life is what Manuela facilitates. She beams with love, compassion and joy. She’s a divine pleasure to be around and her heart is in everything she does. I highly recommend her. If you don’t know Manuela, please connect with her and she will offer you an experience that will fill you with peace, your audience with peace and allow your audience to walk away with their load, whatever it may be in life, a little bit lighter because of her. She is a true professional in every sense of the term and collaborating with her woes a wonderfully remarkable experience. Highly recommend on every level! – Anna Pereira, Founder, The Wellness Universe

Anna Pereira CEO of Soul Ventures

Founder of The Wellness Universe Global Community of World Changers #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger, Worked with Manuela April 2019

I learned so much at the SoulTreat Workshops put on by the Wellness Universe team. (See TheWellnessUniverse.com) Several of the presenters have given me tools that will reshape my life.

I began this incredible two days at the workshop hosted by Manuela Rohr – Witness Without Judgement. I experienced a powerful mindfulness-based Yoga program. I learned that using Yoga, I can deepen my awareness and release old patterns of resistance – while inviting freedom of flow into my life.

Take-aways for me: Look for my “edge” – that point in the posture that is comfortable for me – not for the 25-year-old standing next to me in her body tights! LOL.

I learned to remember short breath or long breath: just breathe! It’s all OK!

And most importantly, I learned to allow my body to be happy in its state, in this moment!

Manuela, thank you! To my friends in the Bay Area, Manuela resides in Santa Rosa and will be offering purpose-designed programs that I KNOW you will find just right for you! I’ll keep you posted as I learn more!

Susan Ernst

Larkspur, CA

Manuela Rohr is someone who truly embodies authenticity, heart, wisdom, joy and truth. She is a practitioner of wellness in my organization, The Wellness Universe, and I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of having her facilitate workshops at 2 of our events, SoulTreat in Sedona. Manuela was a favorite of so many and I can see why. She walks her talk. She is everything you would want at your event, as a yoga instructor, speaker and presenter. Manuela defines strength and anyone that gets to spend any time around her will walk away feeling inspired, ignited and joy-filled. The Wellness Universe (and myself) benefit tremendously from the light she carries and the world is brighter because of her. If needing someone to bring value beyond just the job description, Manuela Rohr is all you need.

Shari Alyse

Co-Founder, TheWellnessUniverse.com Best Selling Author, Self-Love Coach, Speaker , www.ShariAlyse.com

🇩🇪Ich besuchte im Juni 2019 ein Yoga- Seminar zur Achtsamkeit mit Manuela. Ihre Übungen und ihre Stimme waren so angenehm und nachhaltig, dass ich einiges sofort in meinen Aufstehrhythmus und Morgenritual übernahm!!! Fantastisch ihre Übung zum „Farbenkreis des Tages“. Freue mich schon jetzt auf die 365 Tiny Islands . Absolut empfehlenswert Danke Manuela du bist ein Schatz!♥️

🇺🇸I attended yoga seminar on mindfulness with Manuela in June 2019. Her exercises and her voice were so pleasant and lasting I immediately included them into my morning ritual!!! Her “color circle of the day” exercises were fantastic. I’m so looking forward to her book 365 Tiny Islands. I highly recommend her. Thank you Manuela.

Ulla Puettmann

Student in Germany

Laura Di Franco Testimonial from SoulTreat in Sedona