Today’s whisper comes with a little exercise!

Does this look familiar?

I visited all those ups and downs many times. And my guess is you did too.
Right now, my path dipped again, and I’m close to the boat. I am collecting some courage so that I can jump.

Where are you on your path?

Pause a moment to breathe. In and out. Remember just because you pause live doesn’t stop! 😉

Is something holding you back? Are you tired or sad?

Join me. Take another deep breath in, pause, and let it go. Be willing to let go of your struggle. Repeat! Now count back from five. Do it with your cheering voice!

Five, four, three, two, one – breathe in and with your exhale – go!

Take the next step or your next breath or jump if you must.

Let’s celebrate! You did it! We took another hurdle together. Every small step counts.

And remember! We only have this one life, this one moment, don’t waste it with things from the past or the future!

Hug the present Moment!