This week I’m cultivating new habits by engaging in detours.

Once a day, I’m consciously choosing a different route. Where I always go right, I go left and pay attention to what I see. I choose a back road even if the highway would be quicker.

If you’re not driving or going somewhere, you can do this: go ten steps forward, pause, and ten steps backward. Watch what happens when you do this! Are you bed-bound? Not able to walk? Engage in visualization. It works!

Many of my 365 🌴Tiny Islands engage us to pause and do things different. Aka, you can lift your cup of tea with your nondominant hand. Or pause before you go through a door. Take a breath and slow down; walk through it with the intention of leaving behind what you just did or thought. Enter the next room with curiosity and awe. You leave one lifetime behind and enter a new one! And the list goes on. Get creative; it gifts you with an essential skill you need – self-compassion.

What happens is beautiful; we grow new habits. It’s based on the simple wisdom: what you practice grows stronger. We learn to:

• Slow down
• Pay attention
• Notice choice
• Grow awareness
• Be grateful
• Gather joy

The miracle of Neuroplasticity teaches us that we all have the power to choose what we want to grow. No matter the circumstances we’re in. Is it easy? No, it requires your commitment to practice.

I want to cultivate habits that support me in growing more patience. First, with myself and then, of course, with others. Patience is golden.

I need a ton of patience with Sarina. No other person triggers me more than her. Have I mentioned she is my greatest teacher?🤔 But it doesn’t matter what or who is the trigger, what matters is that we try.

On my end, I know what’s needed is to cultivate patience with my patience practice😉.

Thich Nhat Hanh says:

Freedom is what we practice every day

And 🥁roll… it starts with learning to pause, breathe, and repeat!

Here is my Detour 🌴Tiny Island:

If we have to go from A to B, we usually take the shortest route. We are on autopilot; we don’t want to waste time.

Today try a different route; take a detour.

Surprise yourself with the gift of ten minutes to take a different route. Permit yourself to not being a time management pro, but to gift yourself something money can’t buy:

⭐️time to be present to the trees, flowers, sky, a leaf on the street
⭐️a smile of someone passing by
⭐️a smile you give to yourself
⭐️notice the magic – the pulse of life – it’s beating within you
⭐️a different perspective

Grow your happiness by stepping off the superhighway. Take the country road and mint gold!


PS.Wait a moment now…are you STRESSED? Read the word backward and do that😋.