Here is your Sunday 🌴Tiny Islands: “Be all ears”


Need a pick-me-up during the day? Energize yourself in a minute or two by loving up on your ears



If you’re receiving your first Sunday Tiny Island this is what it’s about:

My book 365 🌴Tiny Islands is going to be published later this year. Eleven of them are available via my ebook:


Tiny Islands are mini-retreats during our day, where we remember that our lives are of value. The most effective act of self-love is your commitment to pause and care for yourself.


Each day, you need to hop at least on one Tiny Island to settle your nervous system – it will gift you access to the present moment. Caring for your body-mind-soul and spirit is not optional. It’s crucial to your health, healing, and happiness.


I’d love your feedback and hope you take soul-full self-care to heart! You matter!


Embrace what’s possible!

💕Always with Love,


Find the ebook here: