I stretched my comfort zone on Sunday.  I went life on Facebook. 

A scary thing for me to do. But how will we grow if we don’t challenge ourselves? I like to  look my resistance in the eye and do what I’m afraid of.  I like to taste lives amazing richness. 

At first, the fear devils showed up. What if, what if not… blablabla. But I felt way too good in my skin to listen to them.  I made the conscious and spontaneous decision to push the life button. I always wanted to!😇.

I want to show up in my life. Share with my friends what I experience, what I learn as I go.

I knew what I was feeling is something most of us often crave:

The feeling of EASE supported by the feeling of being grounded.

Both bring deep joy. 

I felt deeply relaxed and connected to my breath and at the same time vibrantly alive. It is life changing state of being. Crowned by the quality of effortlessness today it was the “I-will-change-the-world-kind-of-feeling”  for me.

And I wasn’t even on my yoga mat!

I received this gift the moment my daughter Sarina left the house with her new friend. Off to do something fun. I have been praying for this. Visualizing it on a daily basis. A mother’s heart will always ache if it’s loneliness she witnesses in her child. No matter her age.

I took this joy to my yoga room. That’s where I grow the seeds to the life I want to live. I know ease and bliss will not just handed to me. I have to show up for what we want.

In the yoga language, ease and steadiness are the first two qualities we learn.  If our posture is steady and at ease, our breath can flow freely. Our brain can relax. 

With all this in mind I pushed the life button on my phone and shared. 

“Dear future empire, here I come.”  Of course with my  👑 on! 

A very humbling experience at first – but all so uplifting as I quickly forgot my fear. 

I recommend you try it out.  Or – if this isn’t your thing 💗find something in your life you are shying away from and take the risk to do it. The extra heartbeat feels delicious. Do it now. Don’t wait!

Everything I mentioned above are qualities of a Yogi. Everybody can learn to grow them on the mat. 

Find a teacher who knows how to create an experience that soothes your nervous system.  Rather than irritates it. Where doing is replaced by feeling and by the art of receiving. 

Slow and deep breath are our nervous system’s best friends.

Yoga is an inward journey. And so is happiness. Peace comes from being completely present. Not by rushing from one thing to the next.

That’s how being ‘life’ today felt to me.

Do you know that our nervous system is our communicator with spirit? I heard someone  speak about this a couple of years ago. He said: 

“An agitated nervous system fails to receive our spirit’s guidance. Just as a warped antenna cannot receive television signals properly.”

I have been embracing yogas gifts for over thirty years.  Practicing it mindfully is important to me.

Let’s  not reduce our yoga practice to one more thing we check off our list. To become one more hectic episode in our lives.

Let’s practice, let’s be brave and authentic and stretch our comfort zone. I promise you it will help transform your life!

I went to sleep that night with this amazing feeling of deep joy and gratefulness for this day.

And then it was Monday. 

Las Vegas shattered us to the ground.

The tragic, the pain, the horror, the helplessness delivered the exact opposite feelings. All I felt on Sunday turned into a wrenched up gut and a weeping heart. 

My daughter was very disturbed. “How I am supposed to feel about this?” Being an activist as a person with special needs makes her extra vulnerable.

I didn’t have an answer for her.  

We feel peaceful only if we feel safe. I searched my heart, how could I support her? 

And I remembered my practice. The feeling I so cherished yesterday. I remembered the power of the breath together with the feeling of ease that comes with it. 

One deep and slow breath can get us off the roller coaster of fear and defeat and into a moment of inner peace. How we speak, feel, act is different in this state. 

This is the deeper goal of yoga. No matter what happens on the outside, I can tap into my inner spirit. And be at peace.

Even in the midst of deep tragedy, we can remember to breathe. 

No, breathing does not take away the pain. But with each slow and deep breath, we can help our fearfully beating heart to slow down. We can help our nervous system to stay calm.

We must remember that. It is our duty to care for body, our mind and our soul.

We must connect to our breath and learn to witness the influence it has on who we are and how we do what we do.

I know this might sound all too simple for someone new to Yoga.

It is not. It’s the most powerful gift I can share.  

And, in the conversation with my daughter, something else was clear: 

Showing up and standing up is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It’s becoming critical. Our voices and each of our actions count. We cannot afford to look the other way.

I need to get involved more deeply in healing myself and our earth. I owe this to my daughter. And to all the generations following us.

Growing and offering my skills to my tribe and sharing my story is not an option anymore.  

💗Think of a small or large difference you can make today by stepping out of your comfort zone. Give someone a hand, a smile, a friendly world and forgive someone. Our world needs you!

I am holding my hands in front of my heart, I bow my head to all the people who lost their lives and the once suffering in the face of this tragedy. 

With love,