Ten years ago, Sarina picked these words from a collection of quotes I offered her to put on our Wisdom Wall.

I loved it because it fits her well. She is brave. She has courage and a strong sense of justice. She has overcome obstacles most of us never had.

Being born a micro preemie at one pound and fifteen ounces in 1990 set the stage for a complicated life.

But it also frustrates her: “Doesn’t a hero succeed?”

or “Doesn’t a hero have the power to change things?”

She struggles not being able to leave the nest: “Why can’t I?”

Missing out on the developmental steps most of our friends kids enjoy, hurts. No driver license, a boyfriend still not in sight😌are just a few things missing.

My heart shivers a bit each time I answer: “You will, it just takes longer.” Especially when my own faith to what I say crumbles like a cookie someone steps on.

I’m telling her (and myself) that each step we take creates the path on our journey. To keep the destination on the horizon while faithfully taking one step after the next is hard work. It’s a hero’s path!

We all have to be willing to get up when we fall. I believe: “the next step is always possible,” and I take it.

People like Sarina have to work harder on everything they love and most importantly

they can’t do it alone!

My whisper is longer today because I want to share with you why I feel more hope today then for a long time!

The last few weeks the sky lit up. I was not prepared, or even anticipated this but we are suddenly on a mission we knew nothing about just a few months ago.

A mission sparked by Sarina’s wish to knit hats for the preemies in the NICU she was born: “I want to give back.”

We started with her new label “HATS WITH A MISSION” and created her website: www.sarinasuniverse. Go check it out, there are many pictures and more to come because this amazing! There is some divine intervention! I feel it!

Imagine this:

💓40+ tiny hats are waiting in Santa Rosa for her to gift to the NICU in Cincinnati in August! All knitted by us and strangers who stepped up to our Charity Knitting Events!

💓60+ tiny hats are ready to go to the local NICU in Speyer, Germany. Knitted in two weeks by people who dropped like sparks from the sky. All knitting hats for us.

💗Orders have come in for hats to Austria, Albania and Canada and different hospitals in Germany.  We are talking to someone about preemie hats going to Africa!

And take a breath here. There is more  AMAZINGNESS

⭐️Today our local newspaper has us on the front cover knitting and smiling with a heart touching tribute to Sarina. I’m crying as I type. The reporter was dynamite. I’ll translate when I can😌… it’ soooo good.

⭐️Friday we’re delivering our Germany hats to the local NICU with press in attendance.

⭐️Sarina will be on the front cover and featured story in a Santa Rosa magazine coming out in July.

And so much more is happening like each time I blink. I truly feel the companions I have been praying for to support my daughter on her hero’s path are showing up!

🏝Let’s pause.
Take another breath!
Breathing out letting go.
Breathing in this special moment
Breathing out embracing what we have.

For now, please keep believing in Sarina on her hero’s path. She needs each one of us, each thought, each blessing, each action you can share.

Always with love,

PS: Here you can support Sarina’s mission: https://bit.ly/2XkgUMe