Sarina’s Universe

This page is about my amazing daughter Sarina! 

Sarina is a magical young woman. She is a messenger, showing us onhow to live with our masks down. How to be authentic, honest and kind. Since time elopes her everyone, including me, who spends time with her needs to slow down.

“It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a special needs child to raise the consciousness of the village.”

​- Elaine Hall

Perhaps people like Sarina guide us back to values that allow us to embrace the present moment and let us jump out of the never-ending hamster race.

 Do we need masks? If yes, what for? If no, then what?

 Sarina speaks her truth and doesn’t understand how someone cannot. She has no concept for pleasing others.

 Diagnosis cannot describe Sarina or any person, neither can a label. Sarina simply says, “I’m born with hiccups,” and adds: “Remember, think outside, no box needed.

 Born a micro preemie, she entered this life too soon. How she manages her “hiccups” is a lesson on how to overcome obstacles and live towards your dreams. No matter what.

Sarina’s Universe is her step towards her dream of living her live with more independence.

On her website Sarina’s Universe, she shares her story, her wisdom, and her talents:

“Hats with a mission” are her beautiful knitted hats:

  1. a) as political message to support minorities
  2. b) to support her thrive for independence. Every dollar she earns buys her taxi rides to town.

“Let me translate” is her offer to translate from German to English and back.

Her determination will raise the consciousness of hervillage. It already does.

Get some insights into our lives, with my articles on Sarina below:

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December 6th is St. Nikolaus Tag in Germany. ...and a day my husband and I will remember forever. I have two reasons to celebrate today. The first reason is the celebrating of this tradition. Traditions give me guidance in how to support Sarina in her quest to connect...

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CREATING A DREAM - SARINA,  Five WEEKS INTO COLLEGE and SLAYING IT! Am I surprised? Yes. Sarina’s challenges are exhausting and like herself, they don’t fit into a box. Not one diagnosis can describe her. Her strengths and challenges are way of the grid. What is a...

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Sarina has been waiting since High School for this day. She never had a bigger dream than this: ​“I want to go to college!” Only a few months ago I was heavy with thoughts what else I could do to support her move towards that dream. If you are new to my story about my...

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