Sarina’s Universe

This page is about my amazing daughter Sarina! 

Sarina is a magical young woman. She is a messenger, showing us onhow to live with our masks down. How to be authentic, honest and kind. Since time elopes her everyone, including me, who spends time with her needs to slow down.

“It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a special needs child to raise the consciousness of the village.”

​- Elaine Hall

Perhaps people like Sarina guide us back to values that allow us to embrace the present moment and let us jump out of the never-ending hamster race.

 Do we need masks? If yes, what for? If no, then what?

 Sarina speaks her truth and doesn’t understand how someone cannot. She has no concept for pleasing others.

 Diagnosis cannot describe Sarina or any person, neither can a label. Sarina simply says, “I’m born with hiccups,” and adds: “Remember, think outside, no box needed.

 Born a micro preemie, she entered this life too soon. How she manages her “hiccups” is a lesson on how to overcome obstacles and live towards your dreams. No matter what.

Sarina’s Universe is her step towards her dream of living her live with more independence.

On her website Sarina’s Universe, she shares her story, her wisdom, and her talents:

“Hats with a mission” are her beautiful knitted hats:

  1. a) as political message to support minorities
  2. b) to support her thrive for independence. Every dollar she earns buys her taxi rides to town.

“Let me translate” is her offer to translate from German to English and back.

Her determination will raise the consciousness of hervillage. It already does.

Get some insights into our lives, with my articles on Sarina below:


​Life with my daughter on the Autism Spectrum. Sarina has a difficult time right now. She is grieving her limitations. She's all too aware of what she calls: "my hiccups" and that's painful. Like for all of us, when we hit a wall, or when life throws massive obstacles...

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Eight Sacred Gifts…

For mothers of special needs children and for all who love inspirational words. On my journey into the online world of doing business the left side of my brain had some serious catch up to do. Analytical thinking, the logic behind this beast-of-communication elopes me...

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Spinach on a bike -thank you dad!

  Dear Papa and forever Opa Karl! Do you remember the time you forced me to sit on the dinner table until I had shuffled down the last bite of food?  No, you had no mercy. Food was sacred to you; not a morsel to waste. "Eat what's on your plate," end of story....

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“Preemie Couture”; knits by sarina

Some blissful things are happening in Santa Rosa. Here's what's on my mind and what I'm up to. ​So far the creation of Sarina's label and how we got here is the highlight of the year. Most of you know, supporting Sarina in her quest to have a meaningful life is my...

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Root for Sarina- stepping into independence?

  🚎  BUS TRAINING IN FULL SWING! Please read if you want to support Sarina!😇 Sarina is back in college. Her second semester started last week. We added a new step into independence: She wants to get around town on her own. Bus training was needed! Within a week...

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Micro Preemie mom

I belong to a group called “micro preemie moms.” It's one of my titles 😊. Sarina is a micro preemie. A micro baby is a baby born before 26 weeks gestation. Sarina was born at 24 weeks. Today a mother in the group asked to send the last picture of being pregnant with...

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Sarina is reaching for her dream!

This week marks the end of Sarina's first semester at Santa Rosa Junior College! She is in her finals. Today is the last day of tests. She will do a verbal presentation of her portfolio. She spent hours and hours polishing it to make it shine. And sleepless nights...

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