Do you feel you’re constantly waiting? Waiting for the pandemic to go away? For Spring or Summer, for a pain to heal or a friend to visit? I do. I’m waiting to be an Empty Nester. It’s a long journey that keeps me awake and aware and tests my resilience.

I’m traveling in this space between no longer and not yet and would love a shortcut! Even I know there is none. There is only our path, and we are responsible for what we choose to carry with us – light or dark? Joy or defeat?

It’s tough when crisis nails us, and the light feels far away. But I remember Rilke’s words

Patience is Everything. 

Patience, for me, is the queen of all skills. She helps me to relax in the middle of chaos.

But we must choose her, or we’ll constantly run to the faraway light at the end of our tunnel chasing a light that we already carry.

✨Let’s practice patience today, like now, before you do the next thing. Take a breath, smile, hug the moment and share a smile with the person you’re with!

✨Let creates sparks together!
Much love, Manuela