Today, on my flight home from Soul-Treat in Arizona, I had about an hour at the gate. I got my journal out to write. I thought about the Wednesday Whisper I had prepared, but without a computer, I couldn’t post it.

As I sat down, I reflected on the gifts I received these last four days. The gift of time for myself first and being with people who fill my soul right next to it.

It was the second time I was a presenter at this fantastic retreat. The Wellness Universe is unique. Soul-treat is so much more than a fancy name. It’s a treat for the soul for everyone: the student and the teacher.

When we treat our soul, everything else heals.

The moment I put my journal on my lap, a woman in her early 30s sat down next to me. Let’s call her Louise.

Louise didn’t look at me; she was speaking into her phone, too loud, earplugs in place.

I didn’t like it and felt my eyes roll 🙄 and my face frown. Shoot, I thought, not this now. I felt an urge to set her straight. But, I wanted to protect my peace.

Awareness is a truth finder, right?

I attest to this truth 100%. I’m practicing it for over 30 years and still get hooked! But the good news is, not for long!

I remembered: The theme for my online yoga and mindfulness class this week is CHOICE.

I understood: Thank you, dear universe, you delivered! Here comes another chance to practice this.

I wrote in my journal:

➡️ How do I react when triggered and how do I feel?

Resistance and anger. My breath shortens. I want to run or shout. And about Louise?  I didn’t like her.

➡️ What choice do I make with what I hear or see?

When I’m aware of what’s going on, I get to choose to bite the hook and let my mind run off with an unkind story, or I can pause. Breathe. Relax. Become the witness and let it go. It’s a choice!

In my yoga practice, I learned that I get to choose how I want to feel.

I don’t have to like or accept the posture or even the teacher. How to feel about what I notice is up to me.

I’m telling you, Louise delivered!

I learned: Her parents live in Santa Rosa. The fire had evacuated them: “They are home now. I want to help, but I know my mom will drive me nuts from the moment I go through the door.”
As she continued, her voice changed. I understood that the person on the other line must have tried to relax her. Louise: “You always do that. You have no idea what I’m going through.”
I missed a few sentences while I paused for a few deep breaths and to practice not to bite the hook. 😚

And heard: “What do you mean with expectations? Speak to me, what are you talking about? What do you mean with expectations?”

Smart Me concluded: it’s her guy. 😇

It went on for about 5 minutes. Louise never looked outside herself.

I kept writing. I’m curious about how I function, what I do, say, think, feel. I want to understand what choices I make. And I don’t want triggers to ruin more than a minute of my life.

I wanted to feel at ease with myself.

This was my choice, and not anybody else’s. Of course, I could have walked away or put my headphones on, but that’s not what I chose.

Meeting Louise was not about setting her straight. It was about my choice to not let anything ruin my peace.

It let me keep my SoulTreat bliss. It’s still present as I type.

I was able to move from not liking Louise to feel empathy.

Hallelujah – the choice is always ours.

Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share with me in the comments.

And hop on your mat with me, let’s embody how you want to feel.