Some blissful things are happening in Santa Rosa. Here’s what’s on my mind and what I’m up to.

​So far the creation of Sarina’s label and how we got here is the highlight of the year.

Most of you know, supporting Sarina in her quest to have a meaningful life is my number one priority. She will be 28 in August.

How Yoga supports me on my journey has become my mission to share.

​Like all mothers, I stand up for my daughter’s future. All mothers who are raising kids with challenges know, it’s incredibly stressful. A 24/7 that often feels like it’s the never-ending story.

​Where do I begin and my daughter ends is a tough question to answer.

Hello, boundaries! Hello, self-reflection!

Like a prayer, I have asked myself the question: “What other dreams do I have besides being a mother to my child?” The answer lets me follow my passion and find fulfillment in my work. “The jewel hides in the acceptance,” is my daily stretch.

​⭐️At 62 I am still a full-time mom while I’m an advocate of the empty nest. I devote a good part of my week turning every stone around to find or create a place for Sarina where she can live and thrive.⭐️Yoga is my everyday companion. I learn all the skills to live a fulfilled life “no matter what” on my mat. My A-Z’s list of some of the qualities it helps me to foster is below.

⭐️I’m in the process of writing a book!

I need to let this sentence sit here by itself.

Yes, I’m writing a book. It’s one of the more significant dreams I keep moving to the top of my bucket list.  I’m learning to use my words and my story for healing, myself and others and find inspiration through my writing coach Laura  (

“We get better with practice,” is true for everything we do. From the yoga mat to the writing pad to any skill we want to own.

With Sarina moving back home a year ago my focus has shifted.

The time to teach workshops is limited. Private lessons are still my gem; my home studio is my paradise.  And, my new path into offering yoga and mindfulness on the virtual platform is on the way!

I’m creating workshops for special moms for my online community. I’m building a private Facebook group to offer support to women like me. If you know someone who can benefit, please share my contact with them. I know some of you are not on Social Networks. In case you want to have a peak I leave my page info below.

I will continue to share my path and yogic adventures with you via this newsletter. Please know, you are important to me. My yoga roots stretch from Germany to Ohio to California to Texas and back to California again. And you are a significant part of this journey.

I know time will come and teaching groups and retreats will be on my portfolio again. Wherever you live when I see your name on my list, my smile lights up my day and I’m sending “hugs on wings” to you!

Now here is Sarina’s adventure to own her first label:

Sarina started knitting hats as a means to show her support for Women Rights and the personal freedom she stands for. We went on two marches, created posters and T-Shirts. She attends every forum or presentation in college and wants to be an active part of the political scene. And of course, we wear her hats and evil eye wrist warmers whenever possible.  She is an activist and stands up for minorities. She speaks from experience.

I posted a picture of her first projects on Facebook.

Many friends wanted a hat like hers; Today she has knitted and sold seven hats, one scarf and a set of evil eye wrist warmers. Her audience is located around the globe: Germany, Hawaii, Ohio, Georgia and California. Two more hats are on order, going to Walnut Creek, CA and Hamburg, Germany.

Sarina owns every single step knitting her creations. Helping her is not possible. She feels asking for or accepting help makes her dependable. She yearns to be independent. My heart goes out to her. It sucks being held back by things you cannot change. Every step on her way to the life she dreams about takes so much more effort than I ever needed.

I score high and low every day on the patient muscle I need to grow.

I can function as her marketing girl, the motivator and her memory bank. Focusing on the everyday “must do” and “have to” is hard for her. Only if her daily to-do list mentions: PINK HAT! will she remember to knit.

“I’ve lost my list, today is canceled,”could be Sarina’s tack line. A blog post with that title is in process.

Last week she said: “Now, I want to knit hats for preemies in the NICU!”

I loved everything about this idea and asked her if she wants to hire staff. After all, the very first hat she ever wore was knitted by Yours truly!

“Will I have to pay them?”😂 she asked? She is considering.

Yesterday her label was born.

Here is part of the announcement we posted on Facebook:

Ladies and Gentlemen! 🥁

May we introduce Sarina’s first label!

💗”PREEMIE COUTURE” − knits by Sarina
and her sub-label
💗”PREEMIE COUTURE” − “Tiny Toppers for Tiny Ones”− knits by Sarina

The next step is creating small tags to go with her knits. It will be exciting!

I added a list of my A-Zs from my life as a mother and a Yogi and of course the life of a knitter😅. All qualities I want to foster and strengthen to be able to say 100% YES to my life:

X anyone???🎯

🎯Send me your word(s); I’d love to add them.

Dear Friends!
Be well!   P a u s e    often to   b r e a t h e   and remember to appreciate yourself. Forgive and share your love freely is worth every letter on this page.

Let’s 💡 together today and tomorrow and in the middle of it all!

Sending hugs on wings!