This quote by Veronika Shoffstall has been my companion for many years. 

In a way it’s at the core of what I believe self-care and self-love is all about. Self-care is how you get your power back. It’s how self-love grows.

Don’t ignore yourself! Gift yourself some flowers!

I created 365 🏝Tiny Islands to be published in an upcoming book. Each island offers sacred tools from my life.

🏝 Tiny Island – 1 minute


Notice your breath.

Let the exhalation go.

Feel the new inhalation as a gift of life.

Nothing to do, Just be present.


Find a flower or a picture of a flower and let its magic remind you how precious each moment is. 

The quote is part of the poem “After a While” by Veronika Shoffstall.

I offered the German version to my students at my Yoga and Mindfulness workshop last weekend in Speyer, Germany. Sharing Yoga with others is one of the main resources where “I decorate my own soul.” 💓

I’ll include the English and German version as a PDF for you to enjoy.

Always with Love,


P.S. Please join me at SoulTreat in Sedona in November 2019! You will “decorate your own soul”.