My 🌴Tiny Island Tip for today:

For me, this in-between stage is the most challenging and magical place I know. 

Challenging because leaving something behind is often gut-wrenching and painful. It can be grief for a loss of something or someone we loved… or a place we thought that we’d live forever, but it’s gone. 

Or even the disappointment of not being able to go on a long-awaited vacation because your child gets sick. I’m sure you can make a list of many disappointments and unwanted turn of events!

It’s less painful when we leave something behind by choice because choice empowers. But if destiny delivers a shit show without warning, the space between no longer & not yet can simply crush us.

Magical because it keeps what’s real in view; it’s the time to honor all of our feelings. We can hide in victim mode or denial… or step up and risk a walk on the high tightrope, as my  Dream Dancer  does; who’s a little elephant walking on a tiny rope way up in the sky. Magical because he can do the impossible since he can trust.


I love the story how the Dream Dancer 🐘✨ ✨ landed in my life and my logo!   Read it here:  Dream Dance


I learned that hanging onto the silver thread is all that it takes not to give up. I understand that our fears sabotage us if we don’t stare them down with the skillset we gather on our journey. These tools grow in our hearts and are, most of all, the courage to trust – to trust our strength and believe that we’re not up there left alone! 

To honor the space between no longer & not yet 

is our chance to grow up.

It calls us to hug the present moment with the skills we are responsible for gathering and use them to lean forward toward what’s to come, despite our tears and fears.

I can’t help but think of this beast of a virus stealing our illusion that we’re in charge. We all crave the ability to rush to the other side of not yet, but we have to walk the tightrope with precision, balance, and the courage it takes to look up!

✨ Good-bye illusion and welcome to the space in between… Let’s choose to be fearless and trust, and remember, the choice is on us!

🌴✨🐘  Much Love,


P.S. Need a guide?✨ I created a mind-body practice with the foundation of Phönix Rising Yoga. It’s not only a doing practice, it is a way of being. When things fall apart around you, and they always do – I can guide you out of your storm using your inner healer.