I’m really excited to bring you my new SIGNATURE offer!

 Online, one-on-one, highly customized, 8-week program –

based on the holistic Phoenix Rising Yoga Method™


Embodied Mindfulness program for moving through significant life changes


This program includes:

⭐️ 1 hour and 15 min recorded Zoom session with me each week that will be customized and theme-based according to your needs. 

⭐️ 1 Full-Day, Silent retreat where I will guide you, but it will be self-led so you can have this tool for future use. 

⭐️ Videos sent to you for home practice sessions 

⭐️ A weekly guidebook that will help you make progress and equip you with habit-changing, life skills through the entire 8 weeks.

⭐️ 🌴Customized, Tiny Island Tips to inspire you weekly. These sacred, self-care tips are my peaceful moments that I will create just for you.

It brings me joy to guide you through your life challenges in these uncertain times.

Plan your personal retreat now and schedule your free consultation here.



My 6 – Week core program is to guide you in creating a balance in your life… between effort and surrender.

Weekly theme-based sessions coming to you on a platform called Zoom.

Classes will be recorded. If you have to miss one, you can practice on your own with the replay.

Sessions complement each other, but can also be taken individually.

The 60 minute Zoom sessions will include:

  • A short, inspirational talk about the weeks theme (5 – 10 minutes)
  • Embodied mindfulness practice (45 – 50 minutes)
  • Integration – meditation (5 – 10 minutes)
  • Optional support and coaching/Q&A (10-15 minutes after the session)

Why take this program? It will allow you to…

• Bring awarness to your body
• Learn acceptance
• Make choices with clarity
• Discover your truth and truth-in-action
• Flow

I’m building an online experience for you.

Mindfulness based transformational Yoga practice in your living room offers you tools to build up your “inner muscle” on how you deal with stress and daily life challenges.

Weekly theme-based sessions coming to you on a platform called Zoom. All classes will be recorded. If you have to miss one you can practice with the replay.

Want to feel better in your body, in your relationships and in your life?

Healing comes from within.

Are you ready?

Please email me and we’ll send you a custom e-gift certificate.

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Yoga cares about the person you are becoming!

Practicing yoga with Manuela online was a treat in so many ways. Not only did I get to stay home, in the privacy of my living room, but she created a session where I felt confident and comfortable practicing the moves, even on camera. I’m so competitive and the intimacy of this group class on Zoom was just what I needed to get out of my head and into my body, where all the magic happens. I highly recommend trying a series of classes. Manuela’s skills, mannerisms, and passion will inspire you, educate you and help you heal; mind, body and soul.
Laura Di Franco, MPT, Owner of Brave Healer Productions 

Yoga cares about the person you are becoming!

Practice yoga with your friends or family.

You can pick a theme and practice together. Talk to me and I can help you choose a theme that works for your group.

Think of a birthday surprise party or a girls-night/lunch-out to enjoy each other and grow and heal together.

3 – 10 students

e.g. one 2-hour special on boundaries or 3 – 4 / 1-hour sessions on boundaries… or any theme of your choice.

Payment options are on a sliding scale, depending on how many friends join.

And if I asked you to name all the things you love;
how long would it take you to name yourself?

Private or semi-private (2 people) sessions are a treat for yourself – great for couples.

Whether you are new to yoga, you are healing an injury, want to learn how to relax or advance in your practice a private session will support you to live the life you deserve.

Manuela supports you to work on your own pace and guides you to deepen your connection to your body and breath and let go of self-limiting beliefs.

Get in touch with me to ask any questions you have.

We will meet on zoom. All classes will be recorded for your reference and practice.

Email me for your free 30-min consultation