Here’s today’s Tiny Island Tip:
Don’t believe in tiny things?
I do.

It’s my survival tool. To trust in tiny things, you only need three steps.

First, your willingness to practice. Like in one breath! 

Second, practice when you feel good, but most of all, when triggered or troubled.

Third, trust. 

All three together will grow your courage to trust!

Here’s a start! 

It’s your 🌴Tiny Island moment

One conscious breath ✨ 4-2-6-2



Breathe in 4 sec.

Pause 2 sec.

Breathe out 6 sec.

Pause 2 sec.



Where you in your body? In the present moment? Or lost in thoughts in your head?





I work with many people who, at the beginning of this tiny practice, get frustrated …it’s not enough, they say… and give up. Don’t. Keep it up.

One conscious breath at a time!

Embrace your Spark ✨

🌴✨🐘  Manuela

P.S. Need a guide?✨ I created a mind-body practice with the foundation of Phoenix Rising Yoga. It’s not only a doing practice, it is a way of being. When things fall apart around you, and they always do – I can guide you out of your storm using your inner healer.