Photo: 🌳 Adam – Santa Rosa, CA

These words are part of the poem “Stages” by the author of my youth,  Hermann Hesse.
I flew to the U.S. in February of 1985 to follow the love of my life.
The poem was in my purse and I recited: “Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne…”
In all beginning dwells a magic force…
I was leaving one tiny lifetime behind to enter a new one. 
I learned this awareness from Pema Chodron. She teaches us to think about life in tiny lifetimes. Everything ends, and something new begins all the time. Simply observe this experience the next time you walk through a door.
It’s of course a
🌴Tiny Island moment.
Pause for a breath, leave behind what you just thought or did, walk through the door into a new lifetime. New awareness, new present moment! New beginnings!
Two days ago, the poem flew back with me to Germany, the magic force of new beginnings in my heart. I was not alone; my precious family was with me.
We will be here for a while. Stay tuned for more!
Be well, dear friends, 2020 is teaching us a lot.

🌷 Always with love,