Here’s today’s 🌴 Tiny Island Tip:

Did you ever say: “If I had known…I would have…?”

I have.

And learned that resentment and its cousin’s shame, regret, bitterness, or heartache, to name a few, don’t change a thing.

What heals is this:

We cannot change the past, but we can be compassionate with ourselves for not knowing and take action in the Here and Now!

I have grown fierce awareness through self-reflection not to repeat what didn’t work or made me grieve.

My younger self had not learned to speak up to the devils in my life – but I grew the courage to speak and act on my truth, unapologetically, as I understand it now.

Dear friends, courage is the muscle we need to look at what’s uncomfortable in the eye, take a deep breath, speak or roar if we must.

Never hide your knowing!

Sending courage and love,

Manuela 🌴💫🐘