Hermann Hesse opened doors in my mind no one else before had. It was the summer of 1972; I was sixteen years old when my friends and I read Siddhartha for the first time.

We had questions about anything and everything. We discussed the journey of self-discovery in countless nights.

We thought we’d change the world with the wisdom we tasted in Hesse’s words. He planted new possibilities in our hungry minds like a farmer who puts seeds in fertile soil.

I’m in Germany right now and as often when I’m back home scenes pop up in my mind of my life back then. Childhood places hold many memories.

Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Frauke; Are we really going back about 45 years? Amazing! 💗. I’m counting my wins with friends like her! Frauke was my first private English tutor. We bartered English for Yoga lessons! I needed better English to understand my Indian Yoga teacher who didn’t speak German.

It was an Indian Summer afternoon with a strong taste of fall in the air. We both looked up at the roof in the picture at the same time. A masterpiece.

How often have we looked at it? Each time we meet for coffee at Amelie we do.

It inspired me to dig in my Herman Hesse quotes. The scene reminded me of how we can, in the middle of a busy city life, find moments of solitude and awe. Despite the noise and hectic surrounding us.

I don’t know when I first understood the importance of stillness.

I now understand that celebrating quiet time amid crowded places is a life skill. To pause no matter how chaotic or burdened our lives are is a practice. It lets our brains relax and we get to rejuvenate.

Do you want to own a skill that holds magic?
Learn to pause and you’ll find it!

I find joy in the moments I commit to stepping of the doing mode into the being mode. It starts when I set up reminders. E.g.

⭐️ a sticky note at my desk

⭐️ a “P” for pause written on the back of my hand

⭐️ a timer set to ring every hour.
Here’s my invitation. Do any of the above to remind you and hop on a

 🏝 Tiny Island – marry movement with breath – 1 min.
  • sit or stand
  • Hands in prayer position. Breathe out.
  • Breathe in as you lift your arms to the sky in a big circle.
  • Your hands meet high above your head at the end of your inhale.
  • Enjoy the stretch with your lungs filled.
  • Exhale and let your hands come back to prayer.
  • The moment your exhalation is complete your hands connect in prayer.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • Pause. Feel your body breath and relax.
  • Ask. How do I want to feel?
  • Do that!

You went on a mini-retreat for yourself. You grew your own magic.

I know quiet time is essential for the mind and soul to breathe.
and remember: The world doesn’t stop because you pause!

I promise you, your life opens up when you do.

Be gentle and fearless!