Before I write I always center myself just like before I practice yoga.

I check in.

It’s a 🏝Tiny Island moment I grand first priority in my life.
Silence. Listening. Self-Reflection. Breathing. It always delivers what I need to know.

Today it was about acceptance or the absence of it. Ping Pong. Yep, acceptance is a daily practice too. Sometimes I wish I’d own it😇. All this only takes a few minutes.

Being present without judgment is only possible in the moment. From here

the future is completely open. Can you embrace that?

4th of July – Santa Rosa – everything I love!

This morning I felt restless. My mind bouncing back and force like a ping pong ball played by two skilled pros. Fast and forceful my thoughts overwhelmed me: What to share with you? So much unexpected has happened and so much that couldn’t be done. Realizing again and again

💡It’s all in what we do moment to moment! One moment builts the next.

I ended up writing a few pages about the events of my last few weeks but remembered this Wednesday Whisper is not a book you want to read.☺️

I aim to inspire you. Help you pause. Share my truth with you. Not overwhelm you. I always hope you take a piece of “YES” with you after you read my story. Take a breath now! If time is short you can read below later.

Brief summary of the shining stars for now:


Sarina’s project “Hats with a Mission” grew in leaps and bounces. We have over

One Hundred tiny hats ready to go. And many more on the needles.

Orders, as well as donations, are coming in. We’ve people knit for us. And plan on teaching others!

Sarina has been interviewed. Beautiful articles about her projects and her special life are published in newspapers in Germany and in Santa Rosa Magazine! Creating awareness for what it means to live with hiccups and never give up!


It felt like a split second and I was catapulted into the position of a behind-the-scene manager of an unstoppable mission. A mission that’s at the core of my life: my girl deserves to belong and feel her worth! Just didn’t know it would show up that way.🌀I’m Sarina’s mother. I’m always holding space for her dream!

➡Check out to be inspired! Or if you are on Facebook, here is her page:


We’re now in an Airbnb in L.A. Here for Sarina’s dream-come-true summer workshop at Exceptional Minds Studio. E. M. is a professional training academy and studio for visual effects artists and animators on the autism spectrum. A future for her? Perhaps. Sounds great? It is!

🌀I’m Sarina’s mother. I’m holding space for her dream as I grow mine!


I taught two sold-out weekend yoga and mindfulness workshops while in Germany. It’s my jewel. It truly is the heart of it all!

🌀I’m also the woman Manuela. Deeply committed to my dream.


And yes, life is challenging. To pause and breathe is no luxury. It supports us to choose wisely. It helps me embrace:

“The future is completely open. We’re writing it moment to moment!”

PS: Just before I got ready to post this whisper, I had to pack up what we just unpacked. The “romantic cottage” has uninvited guests who don’t pay 🙈🐭🐀🐁🐭🙈 and our “super host” refused to take care of it: “This is California, we all have rats.” 🔨 We’re now in the “best kept secret apartment in town”. Will see. Why do people lie?