I’m preparing to go on a trip to Germany tomorrow. My to-dos are crazy. Like always before a big trip.

Without awareness, I could lose the gamble on what to do first. Tackle the to-do list? Pack? Last-minute talks with the caretaker of my special needs daughter? Emergency list for her? And on and on.

It’s the care-taker blues –

All too easy we can choose our lists, and forget about us!

Not only when we are going on a trip. The urgency of taking care of others can steal our peace away until nothing is left of us. 

Discernment will help you. It’s a golden skill to own. A quality that helps you to make a wise choice

How do you choose?  By practicing to pause and inquire.  I gifted myself 20 minutes this morning after hopping on my island first.

Listen in. It’s a bit more than a minute. Let me inspire you! ⬇️


This is what I did after squirming over today’s list. I made a visit to my personal island:

🏝 Tiny Island – Practice discernment


Breathe deeply in and out. Repeat!

Notice your body. Relax!

Feel your body breathe. Be present!

Ask: What’s getting in the way of putting myself first?

Breathe a few times and listen.

Release your answer with the next exhale. Let it go!

Commit to putting yourself first on your list.

➡️ You have 20 minutes now? Go nourish yourself with a brisk walk.

➡️ Only 5? Use them wisely… do a dance with your body on the spot. Let your body move. Eyes closed feels good.

Know from deep within everything that’s not putting yourself first is an excuse and neglect. It can be fear, laziness, lack of commitment to yourself, lack of self-love, victim mode, or the thirsty screams of the I-have-no-time-beast. All the voices in your head are winning the game if you let them. It’s a choice you get to make. And YOU get to discern what comes first or next. Moment to moment!

Don’t buy into the voices telling you it’s egocentric behavior to put yourself first. It’s the opposite. If you run out of energy, no one wins. How do you want to help others when depleted?

Self-care creates self-love; you will become your best friend able to support others. Able to share your brilliance and your gifts with the world because you can.

Caretakers! You are important! You deserve a win today! Don’t serve from an empty cup. Discern and choose to fill your cup first –  every single day! And celebrate your win!!!

Be gentle and fearless!