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I’m deeply honored to be the first guest on this powerful new series about Self – Care TRUE STORY with Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe.
Please join us live March 11th at 11am Eastern Time for “How a Phoenix Rises” Register Here

Mindful Yoga Moves from my chapter: Yoga Moves for Mindful Pain and Stress Relief

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Eight Minutes Mindful Yoga Moves to Cope with Crisis

This sequence was part of my presentation for The Wellness Universe “A Day of Complete Self-Care Online Event“ on April 26, 2020

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Message of Courage as shared by The Wellness Universe (WU)
30 WU World-Changers share a message of loving support.
What we practice takes root… asking questions and reflecting on the answers doesn’t take much time but has the potential to create more of what we want in life. For ourselves and others.

🌴 Tiny Island – Self Reflection – three questions to ask – 4 min.

This video is about the breath we take and HOW we take it!
Our breath is the most natural and powerful gift we have. Despite it being our source of life or prana, we tend not to notice it.