I have a collection of “magic moments.” 

They are what sustain me and feed my hungry soul when lives challenges are closing in on me. 

It’s the “not having enough time” that makes me suffer the most. I feel it as tight chains around my body that threaten to take my breath away and dampen my massive joy for life. I get angry quickly in that state, I lose it with my daughter and don’t like myself that way.

Do you know that feeling? The constant rush, the endless  d o i n g  and no time for  b e i n g  ? I think most mothers do when their kids are little. And mothers like me who are raising a special child. Of course, this hits home for anybody who is struggling with a demanding life. With old age and illness, with injury and loss and grief. 

What are you doing to take care of your body?  When the energy is low, and the mood turns grumpy? Do you numb it? So you don’t feel it? 

I have a few things to share that help me stay sane and energized. I will not give up on being vibrantly alive.

They are my “magic moments.”  I pop them into my day. On the spot, before I roll out of bed, in the shower, in my car,  in the grocery line, etc.

You need to  p a u s e  for a few minutes of your time to experience them ☺️.  

Don’t say no. It’s simple math… only 5 “pockets of silence” a day and you will fill your happiness account with about 25 golden minutes. 

In that pause,  you can refill your cup and connect with yourself. 
Feel your body and notice your breath. Acknowledge your feelings and raise your vibration because you’re connected to your source again.

Here is my # 1 pause:

🚿  Magic in the shower

Instead, to continue to think of the million things on my to-list or my despair, I step into my “to-be list” once the water is turned on. I love to “wash” away the stories that cling to my body and run through my mind.  I step into my senses and the present moment on the spot. Water is a great metaphor to help me do that. It hasn’t failed me. The success is in my smile.

🚿 Stand facing the shower head and allow the water to run down directly onto the back of the neck.*💡

 Focus on feeling the water on your back for a few moments. 

⭐️ Let your shoulders drop
⭐️ Let go of everything else you might be holding on to by relaxing 
     your hands and your grip
⭐️ Take three deep breaths – feel yourself breath – make sounds if you like
⭐️ Listen to the water
⭐️ Feel it touch your skin. Feel the temperature of the water
⭐️ Smell the aroma of the soap
⭐️ close your eyes and feel

Become super aware of everything you are feeling and experiencing in that moment. No judgment needed. Just being present! Give yourself a smile!

Take this peaceful moment with you in your day.

🌷 I am a believer in visualization. When challenged during the day, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and visualize this moment in the shower. Before you know it you created another magic moment. Another chance to be you.

It’s a charm. Own it! 

Pause – Please!

Love, Manuela

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*💡 Let me add a short info from my yogic life. We have seven main energy centers in our body called Chakras. Another one worth understanding is an energy center right where the neck meets the head. It’s called the Cerebellum Chakra. That’s where you want to feel the water. When this energy center is balanced, it manifests as feeling in touch and inspired by our dreams. It lets us access our soul contract. It connects us to our intuitive voice.