I hope you are well and take good care of yourself. I know this is easier for some and takes more effort for others.

But we all have similar restrictions now, and we all have a liver – right? There are some things I know about the liver I will share with you below.


I’m choosing to leave a discussion about the Corona-crisis out of this whisper. No one needs more information now. We all need to learn to accept to be o.k. with not knowing. And how to take wise actions, aka – pause before you act whenever possible.

Everyone needs self-care.

Everyone can use time well.

Being nailed to our homes offers a great chance to start something new. And integrate self-healing and self-reflection.

Here is what I know about being in crisis:

I’m in crisis mode a lot. Most special needs parents are. We learn to keep our calm early on; otherwise, we couldn’t live through the challenges.

Emergencies happen to me many times a year. I know panic; hypervigilance – a state of increased alertness – is part of my life. I have to cancel appointments and dinners a lot. Let go of what I planned like vacations; I have to cancel Yoga classes if Sarina gets sick. In crisis mode, I function on a high level. I must. I crush when it’s over and pick myself up with the tools I have. I get stronger until the next time. That’s my life.

When this virus appeared first, I checked what’s in my pantry. And since Sarina started to cough, I stocked up on meds, and we stayed home before we were ordered.  When my husband asked for how long we could be without needing to buy food – I said: “four weeks.” Fruit or produce would be missing within a week.

This state is familiar to me. I stop everything I’m doing to keep Sarina safe. Her disability is such that she needs reminders. For everything from taking her meds, inhaling, and keeping herself warm, going to bed, etc. Self-care is not understood.

Caretaking is exhausting. It taught me a lot about myself, and I what I needed to learn to not break by this challenge. I learned what resilience means and how to cultivate it. Resilience comes from inner strength grown through the practice of mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion. Plus, my yoga practice inspired by the motto I bend so I don’t break.

Being a 24/7 caretaker taught me the most important life skill we all need — self-love!

So why the liver?
Because I remembered how important it is to keep our liver functioning well when things fall apart around us and quarantine is it. No escape available.

I had Hepatitis when I was 24. I handpicked mussels right from the ocean floor while on vacation in Italy. I dived up with my treasures, high on sun, saltwater and adventure. It tasted like freedom. It’s what we did.

I had to be quarantined for six weeks – feeling so sick I thought I was going to die. I remember the incredible stabbing pain in my toes.

I remember the incredible stabbing pain in my toes crawling up my spine like ants looking for their queen.

And throwing up bile; bile by the gallon. —All in an orchestra with the craziest headaches driving me insane. Then the white of my eyes turned yellow. My skin followed.

When I got released from the hospital, I was still sick—no appetite, no energy – I felt like a different me.

It took me a year to be back to normal. And in that year I was lucky.  For two months I went to one of the first hospitals in Germany that offered Integrative Medicine. It was 1981. What I learned there became my cure and my teacher. For my German peeps –Med. Zentrum Lahn Höhe, damals Dr. Brucker.

I learned what our liver stands for and what it needs. All about real food, mindset, self-awareness, and that healing takes place from within. And I understood that it takes discipline to heal; we have to include what helps and drop what doesn’t. The first lesson in letting go of what doesn’t serve me started.

I learned about liver wraps. Every morning and evening, the nurse would come to my room to let me receive one. Steaming warm gauze wrapped around my core held in place with a heating pad. I felt taken care of. Warmth is forever in my mind connected to love. That alone was healing!

And the question that struck me the most? My  psychologist asked me when my frustration about my misery boiled over: “Was läuft Ihnen denn über die Leber?” or “What’s eating you up?”

Mhhh. That’s a story for another time. It opened up a can of problems I didn’t want to look at. From then on I learned to ask questions.

Let’s try this right now. Ask: “Is something eating me up?” Yes?- Keep inquiring. No?- Keep inquiring.

On an emotional level, our liver reacts to stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration. When things don’t go the way we want. – Like right now!

In this new 24/7 stay-at-home-mode, on top of my sick daughter, I felt my life again on hold. Only I do not have more time now with Sarina home. I have less. I restructured my day,  carved out a new schedule for myself like most everyone has to and remembered the liver. She needs help; this is all too exhausting, I said and birthed a new

🌴Tiny Island
Love up on your liver

1. Fill your hot water bottle. Lay down after dinner and put it on your liver – right side under the upper rib cage. Breathe. Relax. Digest your worry.

2. Self-massage your liver – check out the short video below ❤️📹

3. Exercise – walking is excellent. Can’t go outside? Walk at home. Eight steps forward, eight in place, eight steps back. Repeat. Be creative.

4. Yoga – Relax and breathe. Twist in your chair or twist lying down. Side bend like in Half-moon – you can do it in your chair. Sun Salutations.

5. Drink lemon water. Add any citrus you like. Add ginger and peppermint not to get bored. Hydrate yourself!

6. Meditate – notice your feelings – accept them. Let go of bitterness, anger, frustration. Hug the present moment often.

7. Think yellow. Sun. Warmth! The liver is in the Solar Plexus area of your body; your power center. Invite sunshine into your life and mood.

8. Keep your feet warm.

9. Massage your right foot – I’m a Foot reflexologist, and feet are my heroes—massage where the yellow dot is in the pic below.

❤️📹 https://bit.ly/3atmrqB



O.k. This is good for now.

Remember, it takes a while until your liver reacts to your lifestyle with pain. Don’t let this happen. Take precautions in body and mind to keep it functioning well. It will help you get rid of toxins – dark thoughts included.

Tip: If you’re sleepless at 2 am – it’s your liver talking!

There are many other remedies, like staying away from refined sugar, too much alcohol, but I rest my case here!

Let’s get something good out of this chaos. Resting or napping is heavenly self-care that grows:

Self-love is like a flower in Spring – it wants to grow!

Be part of this process!

I’m thinking of all you. It’s a tough time.
Please care for yourself then care for another!

I’m embracing you with a big hug,