​Whatever we do or feel, our breath responds to it.

I’d love for you to start imagining you have a built-in voice whispering      b r e a t h e    and you automatically gift yourself with little 💛love notes through out the day!


I can promise you once you start being curious about soulful self-care and are willing to teach yourself to
p a u s e
(timers work) you will feel these 💛love notes tickle you and lift you up.

Pausing and breathing are my pick-me-ups. The love I give to myself. I won’t do without it!

It’s a simple practice. But practice it is. No, it won’t work just nodding your head and move on😌.

It’s the 🌴Tiny Islands I love so much and we all can hop on anytime and anywhere.

O.K. come with me right now:

🌴Let go of your battle

  • Relax your body
  • Soften your heart
  • Gift yourself a smile
  • Close your eyes
  • Three deep and joyful breath!
  • In and out. In and out. In and out.
  • Let the exhale be a little longer. Easy.
  • No struggle. Just notice how this feels. No need to analyze or change it.

The breath will deepen with time. It feels like joy! And your body wants more – all that’s needed is You! You must want this.

That’s all.

Don’t worry if you think your breath isn’t deep enough etc…let judgement go. Honor yourself for showing up!  As you integrate this practice into your life you will learn to receive the breath as it is right for you. I’ll inspire you!!! Promise!

Don’t compromise yourself!
Always with 💗

PS: I just got back from SoulTreat in Sedona. Hosted by The Wellness Universe by two amazing women you don’t want to miss. Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse created a highly gifted and soulful community, offering resources for well-being on all levels. I have not found anything like it before.
Go check it out:
Use me as a reference if you like to join. I’d love to be connected with you there!

Manuela Rohr is a writer and Yoga teacher/therapist BDY/EYU, C-IAYT. With roots in Germany she now lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa, CA.  She is the mother of a micro preemie girl and shares her healing journey in her blogs and teachings. She shares her transformational Yoga and Mindfulness lessons in workshops and private sessions.

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