Here is my 🌴Tiny Island Tip for the week:

This tip today is part of my life’s mission. I have heard too many Me-Problems lately. 

The graphic below holds Sarina’s story and our truth. I shared it on Sarina’s page and felt a calling to share it with you too:


🌸  Every single day she needs to overcome challenges most of us don’t have a clue exist.

🌸  Every single day she needs to face these challenges. She calls them “hiccups.” The hiccups that keep her chained to us and our home.

🌸  Every year she has to give up yet another dream to move towards her life away from home.

🌷  Every single day I have to accept this truth and put myself in her shoes – feeling the chains: hers and ours.

🌷 Every single day I get to walk my talk by remembering, “To Embrace What’s Possible.” 

🌷 Every single day I face my shortcomings and my vulnerability when what feels impossible wins.

🌷 Every single day I wrap what’s impossible into the joy of tiny victories. They are the ones showing me what, in fact, is possible.

💙  Know this – Sarina feels her roadblocks like you and me. Autism Spectrum only communicates in different ways. 

Have you felt that you can’t go as you please since COVID arrived? That’s the feeling she has only magnified.

I know you feel it – now think of the extra challenges people face who are different, just like Sarina, needing an extra hand to make it through. 

⭐️The packer at the grocery you know has challenges.

⭐️The elderly lady lost in the grocery aisle; her mask makes her loose orientation.

There are so many more ways to be kind if we look and drop our judgment and let things be. Do it at home, do it where ever you go. If you missed a chance to show up, don’t give up, try again and again.


Let’s look out for the odd person on our path and share a small gesture of LOVE. It’s a tiny victory for them and you, making things possible for someone who faces the impossible every day.

When more people embrace the “WE”, everyone wins.