I know that to be my truth. And I also know when it’s time to cry. My body tells me.

For me, these moments are private and sudden. I don’t need a shoulder or advice. I need a listener. The ache shows up around my heart when all is too much. That’s when my smile disappears, and I’m on the verge of giving up. I know it’s time to take a hike or my bike to visit my trees and let the pain out. 🌳 Trees do listen! 

I learned to accept and acknowledge that to mourn my loss is necessary. 

I also know the notion to get over it is a myth. Don’t buy into it if you experienced trauma. Don’t let quotes like when you can tell your story without crying; then you know you have healed …trigger you to think you’re doing something wrong. We can’t erase emotional memory. As time passes, the intensity of the feeling about the loss will lessen. The scar of a broken heart remains. But we can learn to transform our emotions into useful energies that help us express our needs and guide us to care for our bodies, mind, and spirit. And sometimes, this means crying.

After a while of letting my tears flow, I notice a shift.
As I sit in silence, I feel new energy transform the painful 
NO into a powerful YES!

yes to my life and what destiny delivered. I feel strong again, not helpless; I embrace who I am and what I do every day to not break by my challenge. I understand I’m responsible for my life.

We. All. Are.

On my way home, something else shifts – my smile is back, the smile that grows inside.

Much love and the courage to cry!

Manuela 🌴💫🐘

P.S Today, find the pain inside and cry. If trees are not your thing, call a friend who can listen or write it down. Or share with me; I’m a friend of life and a good listener! 

P.P.S. Need a guide? I created a mind-body practice with the foundation of Phönix Rising Yoga. It’s not only a doing practice; it is a way of being. When things fall apart around you, and they always do – I can show you how to connect to your inner healer 👉 www.manuelarohr.com