…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower!

Enjoy my today’s Wisdom Whisperer…. of course, with little Sarina,  forever the garden fairy!

After reading the book E-Squared by Pam Grout a few years ago, I got hooked on her message. In the book, she offers simple experiments to prove that our thoughts create our reality. “Life is an echo, what you send out comes back.”

One of the experiments I did back then is now part of my daily commitment to live a vibrant life.  I believe in the little things and small steps I can do off  the yoga mat to continue the lessons I learn there:

Show up! Pay Attention! Be Present!  Accept what is!

Because I lived in Germany I read the book in German. She called the experiment I’m talking about the Toyota-Prius-Principle. She writes: “If we decide to see a Toyota or look for sunset beige cars or purple feathers we will see them.”

I agree: “We decide what we want to see and if we pay attention we will! And, if we want something, we have to go for it. To spot a car we have to leave the house, it won’t drive through our living room.”

The yogi in me adds:  “if you are going to do yoga, you have to roll out your mat and do it.” 

I had some skeptic and didn’t want to make this too easy when I chose my first experiment. Ok, I decided I wanted to see green cars. In my mind, there are none or very few Germans who drive green cars.  

I went out on my bike running errands while scanning the cars driving by. I was surprised, by the time I came home I had seen seven green ones. Seven! Wow, that was a surprise. Later I biked to the yoga studio, and I spotted five more green cars on just a 15-minute ride. 

Unbelievable I thought. I could swear I had not seen any green cars in my city before. I shared this story with my students and one waved her hand and smiled: “Just look out the window, my car is parked there.” We all looked, and right there was a car, a bit banged up, but it was a green car.

I had spotted thirteen green cars in a couple of hours when I thought to perhaps find one.

By paying attention! Our awareness is like a muscle that will grow if we use it!

So for this week, I have chosen to look for white flowers. Not because they are hard to find right now, actually Spring is here in Santa Rosa, and flowers are popping up everywhere. I chose an easy to find color because I want to have many opportunities to pay attention. Each time I see one I thank the universe for such beauty.

That’s Yoga-off-the-mat for me.

It slows me down and inspires me not to let my day be run by the to-do-list-alone.

Yesterday I spotted 22 budding white daffodils right by my driveway. I had watched them pop up, but now I stopped and didn’t just drive by. I looked at each one of them, took a few deep breaths and drove off with a smile.

Let me inspire you this week. Find something you like to spot. Smile each time you see your flower or what else you have chosen. Put it in your happiness box no matter how the rest of the day goes.

As always,
Walk tall and with ease and be gentle with yourself!

🌷 Manuela


“Manuela is a Yoga teacher and Phönix Rising Yoga Therapist who helps people of all ages, to use the gifts of Yoga and Mindfulness to let go of their often limited storyline and create more joy in their lives.  Her special interest is to help parents of children with challenges to have tools in their life to be able to bend but not break on their extraordinary journey.  Her passion is being in nature, writing, dancing, cooking, and photography.  Originally from Germany, she lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Rosa.”  
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