A Happy Hello From Germany!

It has been a bit silent in my yoga world.

For the last almost three weeks we have been in Germany.  We’r packing up our belongings from six years of living here. A few more days and we will be back in California. - 

All three of us!* 

A reason to celebrate!

For the last 2.5. years while we were living in Texas and Sarina stayed in Germany I learned a lot about  a few things. Here are two of them:


I embrace my yoga practice for having taught me that skill.
EVERY time I’m on my mat and greet my body she has a new story to tell. 
Moving our bodies with awareness and love and a keen eye on were we resist opens up the door to understanding ourselves better. Yes, ON and OFF the mat.

It’s  in us showing up. It’s in the quiet reflection in between poses we learn to understand what our bodies need.  Right there our practice moves  from being only a physical stretch.  Into a connection to the deeper levels of who we are.

We learn the fine balance between effort and surrender. And about our EDGE.
All of this repeats itself the moment we bring this awareness into our lives.
Living far away from my daughter Sarina,  knowing the special needs she has – I needed that skill.


rolls in with surrender as it brings clarity to the areas in our life where we attach and want something different then we have.

On the mat it’s clearly defined when stiff joints or tight muscles show up. When staying present is the challenge because our minds are on overload. When we think we have no time.

At first we often resist. We want something else of course. Awareness and paying attention is the key to accepting “what is”. 

It gifts us OPENNESS! The opposite of CLOSING DOWN.

If we do that,  miracles happen. Things shift. 

I could not know where and how to find a way to bring the three of us closer again. Like in all challenging life situation we have to embrace the “I do not know!” with all of who we are. I was burning to give Sarina the chance she deserves.  And us the life that is easier to live. I knew  she needed to be moved out of the shadow and into the light.

I honor my practice for supporting me in this.
Take a moment now.
sit tall
feet on the ground
lift your heart
soften your shoulders

close your eyes
g e n t l y
breathe in  and out


One breath at the time, fill up your cup. It’s in the silent moments we realize who we are and what we need.
It’s not about it being easier. 
It’s about  W E  being truer.

With love and see you soon on the mat!

PS… by all stresses and time struggles life can throw our way… cut yourself some slack. Make sure you spend time in nature. Somewhere were the only thing you hear 
are the  sounds of nature and your heart beat! Living with Sarina, the way she needs guidance, is my daily reminder of how important it is! I need to choose wisely what’s most important in my life. 

*to those new to my blog. Our daughter Sarina is on the Autism Spectrum. We have been spending our time between Germany and the U.S. the last 6 years so she could continue her education. Now we are all three together again one country and that is a huge reason to celebrate!

Kneipp Cures are very popular in Germany. We can do the treatments here in my hometown Speyer for free in a beautiful park behind a church.
You walk the cold waters like a stork. On a hot day it not only helps to reduce swelling in your feet, it immediately does “bling bling” (Sarina) in side the brain😂 She is so right. It feels like doing a headstand to me🙃…more clarity, new perspective, huge smile on the face! To find out more about “Father Kneipp” click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastian_Kneipp