How often do you pause in your day? Reflect a moment, do you pause at all?

No? You’re not only missing out on awe-inspiring free magic. You also deny yourself a slice of happiness you deserve!

Yes? Keep it up. It’s sacred self-care at its best because it delivers self-love! And it’s free!

Start bringing awareness to the tiny details in your life and let them widen your view. They are waiting for you everywhere.

Dom Speyer, Germany

The cathedral you see in the picture. It’s so big; how can one not see it, right? Yet in the auto-pilot mode, we often rush by and turn our adventure eye blind.

We don’t pause long enough to let this majestic beauty that touch our soul.

Today I paused to let it fill me up. Storm and rain were not important. As I observed how the steeples touch the sky, more magic appeared. I saw two birds flying by, reminding me to be aware of the effort and surrender in my life. Birds teach us this skill by how to flap their wings to gain heights and direction, and —- a miracle happens —- they let go and glide!

Are you gliding enough?

I could answer with a no, I want more! As my life right now demands a lot of caretaking but I can also answer yes. Yes, I glide in the moments I gift myself by pausing every single day. Tiny moments count!

Please enjoy this live video I made for my facebook group!

Ask yourself: when was the last time you paused long enough to let passion see? A budding flower, clouds passing by? Or by hopping on one of my 🌴365 Tiny Islands?

🌴Tiny Island – Honor your Hands.
Observe with love; the delicate skin and how much they do all day.

Please pay attention; nip any judgment in the bud. It’s the present moment that counts not how you want something to be. Your hands are with you now, love them deeply.

Why should you do this?

I could fill this page with research to prove why paying attention to details is important, but I won’t. I trust if you’re reading this, you’re curious, and you want to have joy in your life.

Yes or no? Take a breath and feel your answer. If it’s a no get in touch with me. Nothing makes me happier than to open your and my eyes to the magical world and body we live with.

To hop on a Tiny Island is a lifesaver and joy creator. It’s not only necessary to experience more ease and joy in the day, but you’re also responsible for how you feel!

It’s sacred self-care to listen to our bodies; its message never fails. We fail if we ignore them!

Please fill up your treasure chest with tools available to you right in front of your eyes. Your body-mind-soul and spirit are waiting.

Don’t delay your learning; don’t hang back, thinking I’ll do this later. Be in charge and prepared to not break by life’s challenges.

I’m a special needs mom; I don’t need any water to drown. I need to put myself first every single day to serve from my energy and not my exhaustion.

Want more tools? My Eleven Tiny Island eBook is waiting for you!