I’m thinking of Sedona and SoulTREAT this morning.

As the coastal fog is hugging the lush green of the land outside.


I pause my steps so my body can receive, listen, feel, and heal.

Silence. No sounds yet. The birds must be praying.

The California sun is patiently waiting to shine her warmth on us.

It’s her season. It’s summertime.

She too knows how to pause.

I breathe in. In deep reference to my life and the universe.

My body bows in sincere gratitude to the gift I receive.


Yoga’s wisdom is my teacher.

Yoga taught me about magic and possibilities.

It taught me to pause, listen, and feel.

Accept my path.

There is no healing in rushing.

No hiding in stillness.


Yoga is my companion.


I’m filled up with the joy to share what I learn with others.

SoulTREAT in Sedona holds space for us to embrace these lessons.

Who we are and who we can become is all part of our journey.

Come with me. I know my soul is calling!


SouTreat in Sedona, AZ. November 2-3, 2019