I watch this daily. Sarina’s hopes and dreams are within reach. But no matter how hard she tries, potholes and roadblocks appear. Created by her hiccups* we the neurotypical’sknow nothing about. She cannot do it alone.

I have to:

  • protect her grief, hold her boundaries and live through her frustrations.
  • dive under her skin to feel what she feels.
  • gather new courage and try again, drop more fear to reach for the sky when every cell within me cries.
  • say no when she doesn’t understand what harms and what serves her. Sometimes a life vest is needed!
  • stay calm when her voice demands, “Get out of my head. I can do this.” While I know, she cannot.
  • heal when I’m wounded by her forceful demand to believe in her. While I’m often the only one who does.
  • forgive myself when I fail.

Every day I accept and surrender to what I cannot change.

“Performing miracles isn’t a matter of doing the impossible, it’s a matter of redefining the possible.” TUT – A Note from the Universe.

💗”Hats with a Mission” is born out of this. It’s Sarina’s vision. Like a lotus it took root in the deepness of her soul’s longing and I see it bloom.

And I will help her grow this dream. It holds mine in its arms. I embrace what’s possible.

💗Together we’re strong.

PS: Hats with a Mission is going to Cincinnati, OH on Friday, August 23rd, 2019.  Sarina is delivering forty beautifully knitted tiny hats to the NICU she was born twenty-nine years ago.